Chapter one

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I went downstairs, to the kitchen, grabbed an apple and raced to the bus stop. I'm not a morning person so im usually grumpy in the morning. The bus finally arrived as i went to take a seat someone tripped me and everyone started laughing.

the guy who tripped me is Jason Venter, the most popular guy at school and...well...sort of my crush. I dusted myself and went to take a seat, plugged my headphones phones on and listened to Sam Smith-Nirvana. After a few minutes someone poked me, i turned to look back and it was my friend Nicki

(i dont believe in having a bestfriend)

"hey", Nicki said, "hey", i responded to her. "Are you okay?", she asked "perfecto", i responded dryly. Nicki was one of those rich kids but she acted as if she aint one. "Mandy um sorry for what Jason did to you. It was very rude of him", she said "you dont have to appologise for him. its ayt" said that as i put my headphones on. Nicki was dating Jason and that annoyed the fuck outa me....
So we got to school, as i was walking down the hallway someone pinmed me to the lockers"hey bitch" Heather said, it was Heather Madison The most popular girl in"who you calling a bitch??" i said "you bitch!!!" great!!!

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