A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (17) part 2

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I mean how mad could she be, it was an accident. Yeah, I don't think she'll be too mad, if she even knows what happened. I guess the right thing to do would be to tell her even if she didn't know, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

All this thinking is making my head hurt more. A big yawn escapes my mouth, and I decide to stop worrying. Within a few seconds I'm asleep. With any luck maybe I'll wake up and remember what I forgot last night.


Whitney's (Pov)

I keep tossing and turning, trying different positions. I try on my right side, left side, on stomach, and even on my back, but I just can't seem to get comfortable.

My minds telling me to wake up, but my body is so exhausted and worn out, it just wants to rest.

On top of that my brain is kind of fuzzy, I think I had a strange dream lasts night but for the life of me I can't remember any of it.

I finally settle for laying on my back, I release a huge sigh, all that tossing and turning has made me even more fatigued. I try to open my eyes but fail, they're glued shut. I try again but decide to give up and let my body have its way, I try to go back to sleep.

As I'm close to falling asleep, I feel a slight swaying motion. At first I'm confused, why would my bed be swaying. Then I remember, duh were on a ship of course it would be swaying.

I wonder why I've never noticed it till now though, probably because the waters were so calm before. I just forget about it and resume dozing off.

Then without warning I hear a booming clap of thunder which jolts me awake and upright. Talk about an eye opener. There must be a storm of some sort going on.

I'm still hazy from sleep, but my heart is pounding so fast it will keep me awake. I can also feel the sway of the ship more than before.

It's too dark in the room to see Will, but I can faintly hear him snoring. God, he can sleep through anything. Maybe I should try to wake him up and tell him I think there’s a storm going on.

But I'm just too lazy, the darkness of the room makes me want to go back to sleep. I lay back down and curl up on my left side.

I don't know how many hours of sleep I got, but I'm guessing not enough since I'm still so tired. Then again too much sleep can make you tired too.

I hear another clap of thunder and the wind howling, but it doesn't scare me this time. The ships sway becomes more pronounced. It sort of feels like I'm in a hammock and I'm being rocked to sleep.

I then feel the ship start to creak and moan as it starts tipping more to the left.

Oh god, what if the ship tips over? This is a very large ship so it shouldn't be that easy, I would assume that it would take a pretty powerful storm to do anything like that.

The ship keeps tipping and tipping to left, and it makes me slide slightly to left as well. Oh god, please don't tip over, please, please.

It tips so far to the left that it makes my body slide to the wall that the bed is pressed up against. Just as I thought it would tip further it stops and starts tipping back to the right.

Oh thank god, but of course I speak to soon, and just as the ship seems to even out, I hear loud smacking and crashing sounds. The next thing I know I'm sent flying back into the same wall as before.

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