The Rejection

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Annabelle and Isabella were twins. They love each other and always together. But what happened when a pack of rough attack and one of them has to die in order to safe the other? That day change everything in Isabella life. Her sister sacrifice herself to safe her. Their parents could no longer look at Isabella without remember her twin sister. Connor, their childhood best friend who has a crush on Annabelle, also hate her. Being rejected by people she needed the most, she’s broken.

Time passed and Isabella were no longer the happy and cheerful girl. She has no friend, get bully, and everyone hate her. Finding her mate, was the only thing that kept her survive. Her mate would love her and take care of her. But karma is a bitch doesn’t it? Well, who know. But fate is surely are a bitch. Connor, soon-to-be-alpha rejected her as a mate. The lost of her only hope make her run away. 

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