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Sergio pov

I already was up and looked at the ceiling. Waiting for something but nothing.
I saw Isabella blinked with her eyes and when her eyes opened she looked around her and than her eyes stopped by me.

'Thank you for dragging me in bed.' She said while her voice cracked a little.

'No problem .'

She sit straight and she made a painfull look on her face. 'These asshole can help me already.' She hissed.

I chuckled, she wines a lot but I understand her tho.

'So how late is it?' She asked.

'I don't know.' I said. I took a sit next to her and looked at her leg.

'What are we going to do when all this is over?' I asked her. She looked up and frowned her eyebrows.

'What should we do? Just continue with our lives i guess.' She pulled her shoulders up.

'I don't want to give you a wrong though or something but. I hope we won't lose contact.'

She smiled a little and chuckled.

'Well Ramos I thought that this 24 hours would be a hell but it was actually uhm. How you say that..'

'Fun?' I finished her.

She nodded what made me happy and smiled like a idiot.

'Promiss me, we will stay good friends. Even though I won't see you much but you never know.' She said while raising her pink.

'Pinky swear.' She added while waiting for reaction and gave in.

'Pinky swear.'

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