12:00 PM

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Isabella pov

I really can't sleep, i tried but i couldn't. I hate it because I need my sleep right now before I turn into a monster.

I sit straight and saw Ramos sitting before the window. Staring at the visible nightsky and the stars. I tried to walk but it was just hard. I tried to ignore the pain and hopscotch to him and sit next to him.

'What the hell are you doing?'

'You have eyes right?' I quoted him and chuckled.

'What's on your mind Ramos.' I asked and looked at him.

'A lot.' He sniffed.

'Like what?'

He turned to me and frowned his eyebrows. 'Why so curious?'

'I can't sleep, bored as hell. I need some entertainment.'

'Now I am your entertainment?'

'Yes and also for the creepy people that think that we're hamsters.'

He chuckled and shook his head. 'You are so weird'

'Like you aren't?' I said while raising my eyebrow.

'Not on your level.'

'Hmm now we talking about levels hu?'

'You want to fight Martinez?'

'If my leg wasn't broken, I would definitely broke yours Ramos.'

His laugh filled my ears and to be honest. I am enjoying his company.

'Come and get it.' He said.


He grabbed both my arms and I tried to fight him back but he was to strong. I finally free my arm and slapped him on the back of his back.

'What the.'

I laughed, but sadly not for to long because he pushed me and made me lie on the ground with both of my arms above my head.

'Why don't you give up.' He smirked.

'Do I look like a quiter?'

He looked at me and had that 'I am thinking' face and smiled. 'jup.'

I wanted to free my hand again but it wasn't possible so slapped with my free foot on his tight.

'You wanted my ass, didn't you?' He laughed and came closer to me.

'Uh no, I can have better than that.'

He finally let me go and I sit straight. I felt my eyes getting heavier. I let my head rest on his shoulder and I could feel he was shocked a little.

'Is it ok that I do this?' I asked him softly.


I nodded and smiled a little. I don't know how long we were sitting in silence but all i knew is that i finally slept.

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