11:00 PM

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Sergio pov

Her lips are so soft, I felt so save and my whole body got shivers.
'I want you.' She whispered.

'You are the only one I want to chase, the only one I want to hold.' I whispered back. My lips went to her neck and places soft kisses.

'Say it.' She said.

'What?' I said with frowning eyebrows.

'Isabella!' A male voice screamed. She pushed herself of me and walked towards the voice. A shadow appeared with dark brown hair and a furious look on his face.

'Alvaro.' She said crying and ran into his arms. She kissed him, she kissed him. I thought she loved me, wanted me but I was wrong.

'Sergio?' A sweet voice called my name.

Gasping for air I sit straight and looked around me. I was dreaming. A dream. What the hell is wrong with me.

'Is everything alright?' Isabella asked. I looked next to me and saw that she just woke up.

'I am sorry if I scared you.' I sighed.

'It's ok, I also had a nightmare.'

'What was it about?' i asked her.

'I was in the woods, and I had to kill people.'

'You also needed to kill me?' I snorted.

'No, you weren't in it.' She laughed. 'And you? What was it about.'

'Uh, I uh. I only remembered blood and someone that wanted to kill me.' I lied.

'Wauw.' She laughed.


'But I need my sleep badly so I'm going back to sleep. Goodnight Ramos.'

'Goodnight' I smilled at her. She smiled back and closed her eyes.

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