10:00 PM

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Isabella pov

'Why aren't they helping me? Gosh!'

'Can you just shut up.' Sergio mumbled.

'What are you even doing with that pills?' I sit straigh and looked at Sergio.

'These are painkillers, they turm off the nerves for a couple hours.'

'Is it usefull for my leg?'

'Yes do you also want one in your mouth?'

I faked a smile and stook my tongue out. 'Bitch.' I mumbled.

I have showered with cold water and i didn't care because I just wanted to be clean, rest and sleep. It was very uncomfortable with my leg, so I had to sit during the shower.

'Why don't you sleep?' Sergio said while putting the pills away.
'My leg hurts.'

'Yeah you told me that 10 milion times already.'

I thought of not responding at all and just trying to close my eyes. But when I do i just open them and looked at Sergio.

'What?' He smirked.
He sit next to me and all i was focussing is how close he was.


'You sure?'

I nod what made him stand up and he sit on the bed. He looked at my leg and stood up again. He took his pillow and placed it under my foot.

'Sergio what are you doing?'

'Uh you have eyes, so I think you can see.' He chuckled.

'And you? How can you sleep without a pillow?'

'I will be fine, thank you for your concern.' He winked.
I sighed deep and tried to fall back in sleep. At least that can numb the pain.

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