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Sergio pov

'Are you ok?' I asked her while I put her head on my upper leg. She blinked with her eyes and tried to speak but nothing came out.

'It's my head.' She whispered.
'And i think i broke my leg.' She added.

I carried her out of the room and walked outside where we sit earlier for dinner. I let her sit but not straight, so her head can relax and leaned her leg.
'Hey, how do you feel?' I asked her.

'Dizzy.' She groaned and wanted to sit right but i could see that it hurted her.
I carried her again and wanted to walk inside but the damn door was closed. You could hear that the room was changing because the floor was shaking.

'Put me down.' Isabella said but i shook my head. 'No.'

'Sergio put me down.'


She sighed and rubbed her face. 'I'm to heavy.'
I frowned my eyebrows and laughed. 'If you were, i would've put you down.'

She rolled her eyes and decided not to say something about it. She's hurt and luckily it wasn't a high fall. When the ground stopped with shaking, I walked to the door and Isabella opened.it. The whole room was back how it first was and saw a bottle water and some pills on a table. I carried her to the bed and carefully laid her down

'What kind of pills are that.' She asked

'I don't know and its better if we keep it that way.' I whispered to her.


I am sorry, i know i know it's a very damn short chapter. 

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