Everyone Knew pt 2

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When class was over I got my stuff together and left. I was the first person out of the classroom. That's hella strange for me. "Hey Y/N wait up!" Someone said. I turned around to see Maddie. I smiled. "Yeah?" I said. "I need your advice." She said. I nodded and began walking with her. "Well I want to ask Mikayla out, but idk how to!" She exclaimed. "Awe! You two would be the perfect couple!" I said cheerfully. "Can I practice on you?" She asked. I nodded and smiled. "Hey uhm, Mikayla can I ask you something?" She said. I giggled at her attempt to be cool. "Sure Maddie what's up?" I said. "Would you like to go on a date with me?" She said. I smiled widely. "Omg yes of course!" I said. "Okay yay! Pick you up Friday at 7?" She said. I nodded. "Omg yaaass!" She said running away. "Ima ask her now!" She yelled back. I laughed and went to the cafeteria with her. "I have so much confidence now!" She said. I laughed. "Good! Now do your thing." I said. I walked over to Maddisin and sat down. "What's up with her?" She said smiling. "She's gonna ask Mikayla out." I said sitting down. "Aww omg. Their gonna be cute together. Omg lesbians." She said. I laughed. "You're gonna eat right?" She ask worriedly. "Nah. I'm not really hungry. I had a foot roll up last period. And I got one more!" I said opening my bag. She giggled. "Where's mine?" She asked when I stuck the rollup in my mouth. I shrugged. She laughed. "It's cool. You and home boy ain't talking?" She asked. I shook my head and looked down. "Aw mama. It's okay baby. He a fuckboy anyway." She said. I laughed. "She said yes!" Maddie said sitting beside me. "Yay! I'm so happy for you!" I said. She laughed. Then she looked at Maddisin and rolled her eyes. "Nigga! I will beat your ass!" Maddisin said. "I shoulda beat yours this morning! She gon just walk past me and not say shit! Wtf?" Maddie said looking at me. "Nigga I was in a rush!" Maddisin said. "Yeah yeah whatever!" Maddie said. I laughed at their mini fight. "Hey Y/N." Selena said sitting beside me. I looked at her and raised my brow. "Hello?" I said. "Why would you leave him for a girl? I didn't even know you were gay!" She laughed. "But I'm highkey happy as fuck because now he's mine!" She squealed. I was highkey confused as fuck. "What are you talking about?" I said. "I hope you and your new girlfriend are happy! Me and Justin were sleeping together anyway!" She said walking away with and laughing with that Jenner girl. "I'm about to beat the shit out of that Mexican bitch!" Maddisin said getting up. "Stop! No sit down." I said. I started to tear up. "Aw baby don't cry!" Maddie said hugging me. She held me close. "Maddi- omg what's wrong Y/N?" Mikayla said running over to the other side of me. She rubbed my arm as Maddie held me. "Her fuckboy boyfriend." Maddie scowled. I sat up and wiped my tears. I stood up and put my clothes down. "Where are you going?" Mikayla asked. "To beat their ass." I said calmly. Then I started walking toward the door really fast. When I got to the hallway I heard them calling for me. "Y/N! Wait!" They said. I kept walking. "Stop!" Maddie said yanking my arm back. "You're not about to fight her or him!" She said sternly. "Yes I am! Now let me go!" I said yanking away from her. I turned down the hall and seen them at the locker. It was Jenner, Selena, Justin, Ryan, Dylan, and Hailey. "Run! She ready to fight!" Maddie yelled from behind me. Hailey walked toward me. "Y/N neither one of them are worth it. Please don't do anything!" She said holding my arm. Hailey has never had anything against unlike them other hoes. "Move Hails!" I said calmly as possible. I pushed her out the way and decked Selena in the face. When she fell I got on top of her and started beating that bitches face in. "You stupid bitch! You have the decency to come up to me!" I yelled punching her more. People were then in the hallway and people were trying pull me off of her. "Let me go! Let me go! Let me finish that hoe!" I said as someone was holding me. I was taken off of the hall. They then put down and then I seen the nigga who pulled me off of her. Justin.

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