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Syo Pov

Somethings up with Nanami. Lately shes been in her room. We all have tried to listen through the door but music would be blasting so loudly through her door that we cant hear anything. She would come out but when she did she would be on her phone face timing someone with headphones. I'm a bit worried to be frank with you. 

Speak of the devil. She's sitting in a chair headphones. She was reading a book and she looked some-what interested. She hasn't talked to any of us for 1 month now. This is the perfect chance to talk to her. I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. She looked up at me and smiled taking her headphones out and putting the book down.

" Hey syo-kun what's up?" she asked. "Nothin' much, ummmmm hey can ask you a question?". She giggled a bit "You kinda did..But yea shoot". I took a deep breath and asked "How come you've been on your laptop all the time? You dont even come to rehearsals anymore-You know what I'm sorry that was stupid of my to ask a question about your personal being" I said getting up and leaving. i felt her grab my wrist and turned around to see her with a tired smile. "Syo-" she used my real name that means its really important "it's okay to know. I will tell you this much. I have been in the middle of a writers block with your new song. I didn't tell you guys cause I know that would make you all stop your rehearsals and I know that the principal will get on me for doing so. That is why. Syo I have nothing against you or the others. And if this happens again just ask my cousin, okay?"She said. I smiled glad to hear that she held nothing against us.

 "Do you mind if I ask a few more questions?" I smiled sheepishly. She got up and walked with me, as we were walking we found kicking a soccer ball to eachother, and we were barefoot just cause we can be. "So who are you asking to help you with the song?" "Well I asking someone named Haruhi"

"Who is Haruhi" I asked hoping it wasnt her boyfriend. "Haruhi is my cousin she's got some crazy story back at her school. She somehow got stuck in a host club with all guys. The best part is she looks like a guy and fools all these rich sorority chicks into thinking she's a guy." She said. We both laughed. "So we here you giggle alot. Is your boyfriend doing that?" I asked. I mean might as well. "Syo-kun, who told you I had a boyfriend?" she asked tilting her head to the side, while stopping the ball. "W-Well we know that assuming is bad and all but we just thought-" I was interrupted by a hug. She looked back up at me and smiled. "You wanted to protect me didn't you?" she asked and to be honest I did want to protect her from boys.

 "Y-yea sorry." "Dont apologize you were doing what you thought was right. I love that about you Syo-kun." "Nanami?" "Yea Syo-kun" "I wanted to tell you that I had a crush on you. But I realized I dont wanna be your guy." "What are you saying Syo?" "Can I be your big brother instead of a hopeless crush?" I said sheepishly. She smiled and hugged me again. "I would love than Syo-nii" I hugged her back and we went inside. Her phone buzzed and it was Haruhi face timing her. She answered it. "Hey Haru I'm gonna have to talk to ya later sorry." "No problem *In background: MY DAUGHTER WHY CANT YOU LOOK LIKE THIS* *sighs* I gotta go. TAMAKI HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET AN OLD PICTURE OF ME." And with that Haruhi hung up while we laughed. 

As we walked we talked about music I got to know Nanami alot more. Next thing we knew we were dancing all the way into the rehearsal room. and what song do u ask it was Accapella by Karmin. "Oh and Syo-ni when I said ask my cousin. He goes here." "Wait I thought Haruhi was your cousin?" "She is but mom had 2 brothers. One had Haruhi the other had Reiji" "Wait Reiji is your cousin?!" "Yep"....."Huh you know I can see that" We laughed and walked in. Everyone turned to see us and was surprised to see Nanami. I walked away putting my things down. Everyone was hassling her so I stepped in, picked her up bridal style, and carried her over to my things everyone went silent. "Thanks Syo-nii" "No prob lil sis" I said smiling. "SYO-NII?!?!?!?!?" everyone said well everyone but Reiji who just raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side a bit. 

"Nami-chan why'd you call him 'Nii'?" Reiji asked. "Because he's my new brother. So please be nice to him." Nanami said. Reiji looked at me and smile taking out his hand to shake mine. I shook it. "Welcome To The Family." Reiji said with a smile while shaking hands. I smiled. "Okay guys I have-" I was interrupted by nanami whispering in my ear. "Please dont tell them. I dont want them being all 'we can help' and 'c'mon let us help you'" she said I nodded. "As I was saying Nami-chan-I can call you that right?" I looked at her and she nodded 'no' "Reiji has that one." "Oh okay than Nam-Nam-Chan" "That works" she said smiling. "Nam-Nam-Chan has informed me that she has been working so hard on our new song. But today she is taking a break to let her brain get reorganized again." I said smiling and hugging her from behind.  

She turned around smiling at me and stole my fedora and skipped away I sighed and took of my light hoodie. "Okay guys lets get to work"

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