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Friends -

I removed my debut mystery novel A Reason to Live from Wattpad tonight (Sunday, March 31) and wanted to let you know why.

I’ve had a tremendous time here and am grateful to all of you who have read my novel, voted for it, and sent me your encouragement along the way. Over two million reads and 5,000 votes doesn't happen often and I'm thankful for that support.

I put A Reason to Live on Wattpad to reach more readers--which happened!--but also to generate reviews and sales on websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Since writing is my only source of income, I’ve had to weigh the costs of keeping ARTL free on the ‘Pad versus the sales opportunities I’ve missed. Sadly, the math doesn’t add up, which is what has led to my decision.

I’ll be keeping my profile on Wattpad and will contribute shorter pieces in the future. For now, however, ARTL is going to that big Wattpad in the sky. If you’re halfway through the book, start reading! You’ve got until Friday to find out who killed Brenda Lane. :)

Thanks again. If you enjoyed A Reason to Live and want to keep up to speed with what I’m writing, Like my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/matthew.iden or drop by my blog at http://matthew-iden.com. 


Matt Iden, aka CrimeRighter

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