Our Game We Play (Infinite Fiction) Myungsoo/L Sungjong

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Sungjong & L were alone at the dorm, while the rest of the members were out,

Sungjong-ah! [L] called, [Sungjong] "Ah.. Ne'(Yes) he answered watching a music video in the livingroom, 

[L] "Come here" He called almost sounding impatient, Clicking the t.v off sungjong gets up and walks to where he thought he heard L, [Sungjong] "Hyung Where are you?" Sungjong replied looking for him, then passes the doorway of l's room,

When a familiar hand grabbed his arm, [Sungjong] "Ahh", letting out a small gasp as he became unbalanced from being pulled into the room, After helping him back upright, L goes over and locks the door behind them, sungjong regreted getting up after he saw the look in his eye..

L slowly walks over taking his dongsaeng's hand, [Sungjong] What are you doing? He innocently asks, L Doesn't say a word only pulls the younger towards him, Standing in the middle of the room, Sungjong couldn't help but notice his hyung's smoldering eyes, L finally opens his mouth to say..

[L] "You're mine," in a sexy tone, As he's stares into sungjong's eyes with piercing passion,

Sungjong gulps then starts to smile as a deflection, Trying to figure out how he could handle the way he was intensely staring into his eyes, [Sungjong] "H.. hyung what if someone.. comes, He says nervously, looking away from L's face and still smiling he ducks away.

"Are you scared of me maknae?" accompanied with a devilish smirk, his tone stern, Sungjong blushes uncontrollably, as his hyung moves in on him again, Sungjong finds himself against a wall when he runs out of room from backing up so much, He tries to compose himself but it doesn't go well, L knowing that that nervous but adorable smile of his, Is sungjong's pokerface, So he gets even closer

[Sungjong] "I have to ah.. i", Not able to control his breathing, "Hyung it's not fair when you look at me like that!" He complained, Myungsoo smirks to himself, [L] "Like what?" Reaching up to touch the piece of bang that was in sungjong's eyes, Sungjong swings his hair to the left out of his face, then tries staring back at him to try an defeat him, [L] "I think It's about over though sungie",

[Sungjong] "I can make a comeback", He flirtingly replied raising one eyebrow slightly, staring face to face, L soon finds himself falling for those big brown eyes, an cooly looks away from the strong eye contact he was returned, [Sungjong] "I can contend with you" (L quickly tells himself to look else where) when his eyes land on sungjong's lips.. he focuses on them for a moment, Before trailing his eyes back to sungjong's, Realizing that he accidently distracted himself, he gets back into focus, [L] "You could try" He replies slyly, Hoping he didn't notice, Sungjong noticed an saw the moment as his chance to take hold,

"Do you want to kiss me"? He boldly asked his hyung in the most seductive way he could muster up, Myungsoo looked flustered and annoyed that he figured out what he wanted, Then thought of the perfect counter, He couldn't lie about his urge, Instead he went for his next move.

L Lightly walks his fingertips up his opponent's neck, along his jaw line moving to his ear an begins softly stroking it, Sungjong stayed stone faced throught the skinship but when L touched his jaw, He closed his eyes an softly hummed, Trying to distract himself, he couldn't ignore the feeling and parted his lips letting out an unwanted soft "Moan" As L gazed lovingly at the maknae like he was intrigued by the sound.

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