his girlfriend doesn't like you

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“LI LI! Where’s my baby?” Her high pitch squeaky voice echoed through his flat. You rolled your eyes, and stood up from your spot next to Liam on the couch, knowing you would later be harassed for it. You headed for the bathroom. Your lunch was warning you that it might make another appearance. She swiveled her hips in her skin tight jeans as she made her way to Liam. You told yourself not to look, but you did. She plopped down next to him, and ran her fingers down his neck to his spine, and pulled him into her lips. You ran the guest bedroom forgetting your earlier plans for the bathroom. You threw yourself under the covers of your bed, and disappeared from the world. You must have fallen asleep. Your rumbling stomach told you to feed it. You left your room and made your way to the kitchen, forgetting the reason why you ended up in the bedroom in the first place. His girlfriend was still here, leaning on his chest, and running her fingers through his hair. Liam looked up when you entered the room and asked if you wanted to watch a movie with them. You shook your head and did your best to give them a kind smile. You searched through the fridge looking for anything appetizing. When you turned around, his girlfriend leaned against the door frame, evaluating you. “Your disgusting. Why do you even try?” she sneered through her perfectly whitened teeth.


“Hey!” You smiled and went in for a hug. His girlfriend stood behind him, crossing her arms, and twisting her face into a judgmental expression. Her eyes were screaming I hate you. You ignored it and greeted her kindly, and asked her how she was. She replied with a grunt. You proceeded to the boys, who kindly invited you into their arms. The boys invited you to their concert. Apparently, Zayn’s girlfriend had been invited to. She absolutely loathed you, and she never cared to hide it. You weren’t really sure if Zayn picked up all the hints though. He probably thought you were just tripping over your own feet, and not her leg. He probably thought she was being sarcastic, when you knew she was dead serious. He probably thought you got on just fine. You were walking through long hallways, following the boys to a room in the back. Zayn was behind you with his girlfriend. “Why did you invite her Zayn? She’s so stupid. I don’t know why you even talk to her.” Your feet stopped moving. The boys didn’t hear, and were skipping down the hall in their usual cheery way. “THAT’S ENOUGH!” Zayn’s voice bounced off the walls.


You slid into the booth of Lou’s favorite restaurant. Liam slid in next to you, and you were stuck sitting across from Louis’s girlfriend. She looked you up and down looking for something to pester you about. “Nice scarf.” She coughed. Play it stupid. Play it stupid. “Thanks.” Louis looked at you questioningly. You shook your head and gave him a reassuring smile. “Did you even brush your hair? Seriously you would think that someone with a face like yours would try a little bit harder.” You laughed, and quickly brought your lips to your straw, and sipped on water. You looked to Louis. He looked confused, like he thought he was missing something. You decided to talk to Liam. You were pretty deep in conversation and you almost forgot about her presence completely until she dug her heels into your foot. You jumped back and gasped in pain. “STOP!”

Niall: “I’m so glad your coming.” Niall was planning a camping trip, and he was inviting you to join him. It sounded amazing. You loved to camp, you would love it even more if Niall was there, so you greatly accepted the invitation. There was only one problem. His girlfriend was going too. Maybe it was your imagination, but you were pretty sure she didn’t like you. The morning of the trip his girlfriend sent you a text with directions. You thanked her, and packed your car with your bags. You followed her directions perfectly. You thought you were going to the right place as the landscape became greener and the sky became bluer. You followed winding roads and found yourself driving through the woods. You looked for the correct address and maybe a big sign indicating the campsite, but instead, the numbers you were searching for where glued to an old mailbox. You pulled up to the driveway, to find yourself parked outside an abandoned home. We’re you at the right address? Yes. Did she make a mistake? There’s no way she could have completely screwed up the address. No, she did this deliberately, and you were in the middle of no where.

Harry: “Harry, wait,” you tugged in Harry’s arm resisting him from taking you to her, “I don’t think she likes me. Maybe I should just stay here.” He shook his head, “no, she likes you. I asked her.” You smiled unsurely. He nodded his head to her direction and led you to where she stood outside the store. “Hey love.” He kissed her in the cheek and put his arm over her shoulders. You looked down avoiding her stare. She whispered in his ear acting like she wanted to hide her words, while in reality you knew she didn’t care. “What’s wrong with her?” He ignored the question and led you into the store. You looked around searching for clothes that looked appealing. His girlfriend had a pile of clothes in her hands. Harry held a white t-shirt and you held nothing. She escaped to the dressing too and insured that Harry waited outside so she could show him each and every outfit. She came out twirling around and acting like he thought she looked terrible, hunting for a compliment. O course she looked flawless in everything she wore ad Harry made sure she knew. When she was done she handed you a dress and told you to try it on. “I don’t know, I don’t think I would look to good in that.” She insisted on you trying it in and shoved you into the changing room. She then called for you to come out and show them the dress. When you stepped out she covered her eyes and screamed, “ohh, guess you shouldn’t have put that on. I guess some wear it better than others.” You ran back into the changing room to hide the threatening tears.

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