“Come on in and take a seat, we’ll talk details.” A woman's voice echoed from somewhere, waking me up.

Groaning, I slowly opened my eyes and stretched my arms. Who on earth was that? It couldn’t be the step-monster. Way too jolly-sounding. She must have a friend over or something. 

My eyes finally adjusted to the light, only to spot a wooden desk in front of me.

Okay, so I am not in my room. You can consider me officially confused right about know. You know maybe….maybe I was abducted or I'm still asleep or-SHIT. Shit. Shit. It finally hit me.

I’m in Kristen’s office. I just had a nap in my boss’s chair.

She just trusted me by giving me this major role and I fell asleep not even two minutes into the job. Wow, this was off to a great start. How long have I been asleep anyways? The band was probably going to be here any minute.

I let out a frustrated groan as I started frantically combing my fingers through my frizzy hair.

I need to show Louis how great my life’s been without him. No matter how big a lie that is.

My fingers froze the second I heard an awkward cough behind me.

Finally registering that I wasn’t alone, I whipped my head around, only to be met by the faces of a group of, quite attractive, guys.

Oh no.

I quickly averted my gaze to the floor before I could accidently catch sight of him.

Looks like boy band is in the building. Shouldn’t an alarm have gone on or something? You can’t just throw them at people unexpected, they may wet their pants. Sheesh. 

“Um love, you’ve got a little something on your chin,” the curly haired one said. I looked up for a second at him, and I saw him sending me a smirk.

I brought my hand to my face and whipped away the drool that had been leftover from my nap. Oh, this is just great.

The boys erupted in laughter as they watched me. My cheeks burning, I finally spotted Kristen and looked at her in desperation.

“Okay, okay. Hurry up and sit down lads, let’s get this meeting started,” she said, saving me from my own awkwardness.

My eyes followed her as she moved to sit behind her desk. I heard the boys pull up chairs beside me, but I didn’t dare look. I definitely didn’t want to have to deal with my ex-best friend right now. Kristen already thinks I’m enough of a nut job.

“So everyone,” Kristen began. “The tour officially starts in two days, with your 1st show Thursday night. I know it’s coming quickly but we wanted to get you boys out and promoting the charity as soon as possible with your busy schedules. So, until Thursday you will be having rehearsals. And please remember that when you are on this tour you are representing the charity. So, that means no going on stage drunk, swearing, or hiding drugs in your dressing rooms.” She eyed each of the boys carefully.

“They’ll be angels, Kristen, you have my word for it,” replied the man I think was One Direction’s tour manager.

His statement was only followed by laughs from the boys, which earned a glare back from their manager.

Unable to stop myself I finally gave in and stole a glance at the boys beside me. One by one I scanned them, and not in the creepy, fan girl, “I am mentally undressing you” way. Gosh, I have more self-control than that. Besides, Louis’ a dick now so I’m sure his band mate are too.

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