The Figurine shop on Enbizaka

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Chapter 1


The sun rolled over the hills, bringing light to the valley. The town lazily woke from its slumber, ready for a new day. Warmth filled the air as the blue was a crystal clear blue, lifting people's spirits for the day. The street's soon burst into life, various people coming and going, heading to work or the shops, dodging others and passing students heading for Sakurada. Sakurada hill, is the steepest hill in the town, and is the hill the students have to climb everyday to get to Sakurada-Kyo highschool, but the bright side of it was the beautiful scenery and the cherry blossoms coming into bloom.

The bells of the town began to chime their haunting chime, the echoing sound rang across the town like birds in a chorus, each bell-tower joining in with the time. It was not long before the school bell would chime, signalling any late students tardy, but they had plenty of time, but like any day, there are some who make mistakes. Embarrasing mistakes.

"AH! I'm sorry, excuse me!"

A girl ran through the crowd, trying to fit through the tiniest of gaps between people, crying out 'sorry' whenever she bumped into someone. Students she ran past giggled and muttered, watching her sprint for the hill. The girl ran past a corner, and barged into someone. The impact sent him flying forward, and sent the girl spinning off to her side before collapsing. The boy sat on his knees, rubbing his head, while the girl rubbed her forehead, sitting on her bottom.

"I'm sorry.."

The girl said slowly, noticing the boy holding his hand out to help her up. He smiled, and shook his head as she gripped his hand.

"It's alright, it was my fault, I maybe should move somewhere else and not stand in the middle of the street."

After saying this he helped her up, and they both continued together up the long, steep Sakurada hill. They both walked together, very different in appearence. The girl, was small, she had long beautiful milk-tea hair, she was delicate looking, like a pretty china doll, while he was tall, with messy black hair, and looked more like a free runner than anything.

"I'm Kyohasi, Kyohasi Takai, and you?" (In Japan, the surname is said first, and people are called by the surname unless they are close with a person)

The girl looked to him, and smiled a sweet smile in return, she then turned back to face the road ahead.

"Hong Misusu" she replied in a whisper-sounding voice.

The boy glanced at her, and then looked back ahead.

"Maybe we will be in the same class Hong?"

Takai knew Misusu's face, they where in their first year class together, so he knew her face, but they never talked untill now. Misusu shrugged her shoulders, and smiled as they passed the gates into the modern-looking Sakurada-Kyo highschool. Just as they passed, they heard a scream and the sound of a moped approaching fast.


The girl on the moped cried out, her long blond  flowing behind her as she approached the two students. Misusu, reacted at this and slammed her back against the gate wall, but Takai turned around, and narrowly missed the bike. It was a stroke of luck, because as soon as she missed him, the girl slammed the breaks and skidded to a hault. She winked at him, stuck out her tongue, and sped off to the bushes to hide her vehicle. Student's are not allowed to ride mopeds or motor vehicles to the school so if they did, they had to hide them.

The school bell rang and the students piled in the entrance, replacing their shoes with the slippers and looking for their classes. Misusu's checked earlier so was already climbed the third flight of stairs to her classroom. Amongst the crowd below, Takai and the moped girl where being pancaked by the younger students, they seemed to tower over them. After picking her seat, Misusu and a few lucky others watched other students pile in, bruised and exhausted from their fight through the crowd. Eventually, Takai opened the door, and Misusu's face brightened up. He picked the seat behind her, next to the window. Misusu turned around and was about to speak, untill somebody sat in the chair beside Takai. He was the same height as her, he had a handsome child-like face, with warm eyes and smooth brown hair. He smiled to Takai and bowed to Misusu.

"My name is Obata Pico. Its a pleasure to meet you." Pico said to Misusu, and then gave Takai a nod. The three chatted for a while, untill eventually, the door slid open at an alarming speed, and somebody ran in. The person slammed their bag and various files on the desk, a few papers flying loose all over the floor. They gripped the chalk and began to furiously scribble on the board, but the writing seemed to slant as the teacher wrote, like she was falling asleep. They then heard the teacher snore quietly, and somebody threw a book off her head. As they book hit her head, she turned around and launched the chalk off the person's head. They grunted in pain as the chalk directly hit their forehead, and the teacher glared at them under her optical illusion glasses, the spirals seemed to move when she moved her head.

"I am Yuuka Changyi, I will be your teacher, Class 3E, blah blah... ergh..... I'm sleepy...." She then droaned off, and fell asleep, her chin resting on her desk. The students watched her for a while, before carrying on their convsersations.

"Oh man.. we had to get Changyi!" Misusu heard a girl say beside her to her friend. To her, Pico and Takai, Changyi was a strange woman from out of this world, since none of them had her, who knows what she was like. She seemed like she was lazy and sort of crazy at the first impression they got.

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