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Carl's POV:

I ran back through the woods, I had to see it gone. I needed closure. "There's nothing left!" Daryl called back after me. I didn't care.

I broke through the trees to see the prison in one piece. Relief and shock washed over me.

"It's still here! It's not gone!" I yelled back at the group. Sounds of confusion Echoed from behind me. "She's probably alive!"

I rushed through the gate and door, running toward Maggie's cell, a huge smile across my face. I turned inside, and saw an empty bed.

I stumbled inside and sat down on the bed, shock running through me. "Where... What... How..."

"Why didn't it blow?" I heard Daryl's voice say from the main room.

"I don't know. Is the bomb still in the warden's office?" My dad said.

"Yeah. Lets to check it out." Daryl said.

They passed the door way to the cell an looked in at me. "She's gone..." I barely choked out. "Where could she be?"

"I don't know." My dad said, entering the cell. "We'll find her. We always do."

"Rick, your going to want to see this." Maggie said, resting in the doorway now. She handed him a piece of paper. "It was in the watch toward."

My dad read over the paper and then handed it to me, burying his face in his hands. "Did you write this?"

Horror washed over me. She must think I'm a monster. No wonder she left!

"Carl!" My dad demanded.

"No! Why would I?!" I said, snapping back to reality. "She could be anywhere now..."

"She's probably go somewhere familiar..." My dad said, rattling off options.

"It was fake!" I heard Daryl yell. "It wasn't a real bomb!"

"What? How is that possible?!" My dad yelled.

"It wasn't real. There was no excellent. It never would've exploded." Daryl said, feeling foolish. We all did, we left for no reason.

"I left her... For no reason..." I repeated out loud. I felt like I was going to be sick.

"Ok, where did she live before this?" My dad asked.

"Downtown Atlanta." I said. "By the powerplant."

Dad nodded and said "Ok. First thing in the morning, we go searching. Starting with Atlanta."

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