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That night👅💦


After I got out the shower I saw Chris on his phone with boxer and no shirt on..Damn he looked fine as fuck! I bit my lip unaware he saw me and he laughed at me.


Carrie:*staring biting lip*


Carrie:*in a daze*

Chris:C wants the d


Chris:*laughs* Whats wrong with you

I rolled my eyes he knew what was wrong with me his fine ass!

Chris:*gets up and kisses me*

Carrie:*kisses back*

A/N:She only has on a towel.

Chris:*adds tongue*

Carrie:*adds hers*


Carrie:*drops her towel*


I pulled down his boxers and he pushed me gently on the bed and started to suck on my nipples.


Chris:*kisses me down and starts eating me out*

He was eating me out and I started moaning..he stopped and fingered me.

Carrie:*moans* Fuck *closes eyes*

Chris:*puts on a condom*

He looked at me and then entered me and started thrusting into me and then he started banging and going really deep into me..the pain turn into pleasure.I flipped him over and got on top

Carrie:My turn

Chris:Ight do what you do

I started to ride him slowly..

Chris:Fuck FASTER!

I loved playing with him I went faster than ever he threw his head back with pleasure..I always give him pleasure!

Carrie:I always give you pleasure



I flipped her over and started thrusting in to her and banging into her she was screaming I saw some tears and wiped em up. I went in deeper and she screamed with pleasure damn I know how to give her what she wants..

Carrie:*moaning* I-I'm about to c-cum

I pulled out and she cumed I just sucked it all up. And smiled

Chris:You taste good

Carrie:*laughs* Shutup

She got up and she was wobbling and she just sat on the floor and I laughed

Carrie:You jacked up my fucking legs

Chris:That's what the D do to you didn't we already establish this like twenty times

Carrie:STFU! *laughing* Bye

Chris:Can't get up anyway


I out on my boxers and Tshirt on and left her in there and stood by the door.

Carrie:Help me please Chris!

Chris:*cracking up*

Carrie:I'm crying

Chris:*goes in and picks you up*

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