Chapter 23: Sleep Over

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"I can't really decide who my favorite member is."

"Well what's your ideal type in general?" She kept emphasizing certain words. Is this how she normally talks? Well anyway I thought it was funny watching Irene swoon over boys. When I was her age, I don't think I even thought about boys. 

"I like nice guys. Someone who's smart and stays out of trouble....actually....that's kind of too vague," I started thinking again. "And I think my taste in guys have changed a bit---"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" What's with Irene and always asking me these random questions?

"A boyfriend? Actually---"

"Do you want to know why I ask?" Irene cut me off again but she had a big grin on her face and leaned in closer to me, "I think my brother likes you."

Oh. Okayyy that made me back up a bit. What's Irene talking about? I just met their family a few days ago. 

"He usually never gives girls the time of day, but he seems really interested in you! I think it has to do with the fact that you're not fake like the girls back in our school and obviously you're like really pretty. The only reason we went to your school the other day was because he wanted to see you and he even invited you to have lunch with us."

[Irene's POV]

Ok maybe I dropped that bomb way too fast...But I was just so excited! I really like Jieun and it would be so cool if she and Kris started dating. Then we would practically be sisters in law. Other girls that I know would probably die if I told them that Kris might have feelings for them, but Jieun just stared at me blankly. 

I wanted to ask Jieun if she heard me, but then the maid came in and brought some more food. As Jieun and I ate, she started talking about other things like different boy groups. I only brought up boy groups so that I could find out her ideal type and if Kris matches it. Sigh, she was completely ignoring the fact that I said Kris likes her. 

"Jieun, can you sleep over tonight?" 

"A sleep over? Uh it's kind of last minute and I don't think my dad would let me." 

Ah ha, I just pulled out my phone and dialed a number, "That's ok! I can call and ask your dad for you. I have his number." I heard Jieun faintly try to protest, but I tried to block her out so I can get her dad's permission. 

"Yay! Your dad said it was ok if you slept over!" I threw my hands up in excitement. 

"It's kind of weird to have a sleep over on a school night," Jieun said shyly. 

"No that's fine, we can just drive you to school tomorrow~ "

[Jieun's POV]

I'm pretty sure that Irene was over exaggerating when she said that Kris was into me. I know she's just really excited to have me here and it's probably just her that wants him to like me. But either way, having her say that makes the fact that I'm sleeping over a little more awkward. 

Later that night, Irene gave me some clothes to wear to sleep and set up a futon for me in her room. I was already spreading out my blanket and getting ready for bed. "If you sleep over again, we should do it on a weekend so we'll be able to stay up all night," Irene said. 

"Yeah, maybe we can do it at my house next time too. Before I go to bed is it ok if I get water?" I turned to see Irene already passed out. She literally was wide awake like 2 seconds ago. I quietly went out of her bedroom and stepped into her kitchen. I didn't turn the lights on because I didn't want anyone to know that I was still awake. 

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