What's Inside

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     The flaming lantern rolled over a net holding down dragons, releasing them with sheep and other livestock. All the dragons flew off with something in their claws.

     Hiccup stood awkwardly in front of his dad, and Skullette could literally feel everyone stairing at them.

     Without looking at his father. "Okay but i hit a night fury." He told. Stoik ignored his comment and grabbed the two teens arms and dragged them behind him.

     "No, Stoik its true this time!" Skullet tried to explain.

     "Its not like the last few times, i, really, actually hit it." Hiccup explained. "It went down just off raven point, lets get a search party--"

     "Stop!" Stoik yelled, the calmly added, "just stop. Every time you step outside disaster fallows. Cant you see that i have bigger problems? Winter is almost here and i have an entire village to feed."

     "Between you and me, i think the village could to with a little less feeding." Skullette said quietly, unintended to be herd but the crowed gasped, a few holding their stomachs, and Hiccup giggling next to her.

     "This isnt a joke Skullette!" Stoik said angerly. "Why cant you two fallow the simplest orders."

     "Maybe because I'm not my parents." She belted, then flatly "i know that's all you want me to be", fallowed by an awkward silence.

     "I cant help it, dad." Hiccup broke the silence as Skullettes fist clenched tight. "I see a dragon and i want to just kill it." He made a neck snapping gesture with his hands. "Its--its who i am dad."

     "Oh, Hiccup. You are many things, but a dragon killer isn't one of them. Get back to the house." Stoik, then, raised his voice. "Make sure they get there. I got their mess to clean up"

     Gobber came up behind them landing a gentle tap on the backs of their heads. Escorting them by the other teens who were laughing. "Iv never seen anyone mess up so badly." Snotlout insulted then gestured to the sky where the dragons disappeared. "That helped!"

     "Yes i know, thank you." Hiccup said depressed, and tried to catch up to Skullette who was walking extremly fast.

     Gobber walked by and pushed snotlout to the ground.

     "We really hit one." Hiccup told Gobber.

     "I know." Gobber said and right after Hiccup spoke.

     "He never listens."

     "It runs in the family." Gobber said with out Hiccup noticing.

     "And when he does its with the disappointed scowl, like someone skimped all the meat in his sandwich." He then started to talk with his fathers accent. "Excuse me bar maid, I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring, i wanted an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish bone."

     "Now your thinking about it all wrong. Its not about what you look like, its whats inside that he cant stand." Gobber clarified as they approached the house.

     "Thank you for summing the up." Hiccup said flatly.

     "The thing is, Hiccup, quit trying so hard to be something your not." He said smoothly.

     "I just want to be one of you guys." Hiccup said reaching for the door, but a loud pound stopped him. He looked at Skullette with her fist glued to the wall.

     "'Quit trying to be something your not', huh?" Skullette repeated. "I don't understand how i can follow that, because anytime i try to be who i really am i get completely shot down for one of two reasons." Her voice was slowly rising and her Scottish accent slipped in. "One: because I'm blind and no one can see past it. And two:" she paused to try to calm herself. Then she spoke again in a lowered voice. "Because they want me to be my parents." She twisted the ring on her finger a few times. "You cant say something like that to me, Gobber, without proving that it would be okay for me to be myself."

     Gobber was slightly taken aback by this. He knew she had a point, and in no way could deny it. He walked up to her, and knelt down to her level. "Well, here's a start. I know who the real you is. And i see you, not your parents." He rose and left without another word. Skullette staired at the ground with a small grin.

     "Hes more of a father to you, then mine is to me." Hiccup stated as the entered the house.

     They went through the house, Hiccup grabbed his journal, and they left out the back door, to search for their dragon.

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