Sally and Poseidon

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Sally Jackson PoV

"I was walking along Montauk beach, thinking about what to write my first book about. I was so wrapped up in thought that I didn't notice a man standing in front of me and I bumped into him. He apologised, saying that it was his fault, that we wasn't paying attention to where he was going. I tried to say the same but before I could he asked me if I would like to sit with him. I agreed, my feet were starting to get sore from walking, and we started to talk. I told him that I was going to school to become an author and he told me about where he grew up. His parents were divorced and never saw each other, so he grew up with his mum. He had a lot of brothers and sisters, and they still fought with each other, after all these years. We must have sat on the driftwood talking for over an hour until he asked if I would like to have dinner with him. I don't know what I was thinking saying yes to go eat with a near stranger, but I felt comfortable with him."

"We ate at a wonderful little cafe on the waterfront and we laughed the night away, I will never forget his smile. When we finished eating he walked me back to the cabin I was staying at. I invited him inside for a drink; he had insisted on paying for my dinner. When we were inside he told me all about his world, the Gods, and who he really was. He showed me his water powers by making it form the letters I LOVE YOU. He ended up staying the night."

"That morning I found a note saying that he was sorry but he had to go back to Olympus and it said he loved me. It also explained that if I were to become pregnant what I would have to do to protect him or her."

"That Percy, is how I met your father."

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