Blue Ridge, Georgia

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I slumped in my plush chair in my office and ran my fingers through my hair. I took a deep breath and sighed. I was about to mind-link my beta and tell him that I will be leaving for California this weekend when my sister busted through the door.

She stomped up to my desk and opened her mouth. "You need to stop being so mean to everyone Brax. All this isn't going to change the fact that you don't have your mate."

That hit a nerve. My blood boiled and I stood up. I slammed my fist on my desk and growled, "Don't you dare throw that in my face". I snarled and she winced at the venom in my voice.


She needs to stop throwing that in my face. Maybe it is true but I don't care.

I have been waiting for my mate since I turned sixteen and its been eight years. I've given up hope and my wolf has been restless. It's not fair that I have to watch everyone with their mates including my sister.

She frowned. "Whatever." Then she stomped out of my office.

I groaned and literally fell back in my chair.

'I don't think that I can keep going without my mate.' I said to Colin, my wolf.

He growled at me. 'Don't say that. We will find her and we will be happy. Our pack will have a Luna.'

I sighed and blocked him. I hope he is right because I can't deal with the emptiness any longer than I already have to.


I just drove past a sign that said 'Welcome to Blue Ridge'. Yeah I'm in Georgia and all I see are trees and mountains but I don't mind because it gives me a sense of peace. I smiled because I finally get to see my dad after two years. It's not like he didn't visit 'cause he did but, I get to spend my senior year with him instead of my aunt.

Don't get me wrong, I do love my aunt but I missed my dad like crazy.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Maxine Hayes and I am seventeen years old. I am 5'3, thin with curves and I am slightly tan. My long curly hair is brown with natural auburn and blonde streaks in it and it reaches the middle of my back. I have long dark lashes that are curled around my bright green eyes, with blue and hazel flecks. I have a straight nose, pink plump lips and straight white teeth from having braces a year and a half ago.

Oh! I don't have a mom. I know that you might be thinking that she probably died. It's not that simple. She walked out on me and my dad when I was ten. Yup. She didn't even look back. The thing that made me angry was that I can't have a relationship with a guy. The reason why is that I'm terrified that he'll walk out on me one day just like my mom did.

It sounds really stupid but to me it's not. My mom already broke my heart by walking out and never looking back.

I blocked out those negative thoughts as I smiled at the sight of my dad's house. His police cruiser sat in his driveway with his truck parked by the curb. I forgot to mention that my dad's the Chief of this town. He loves it and I support him because I love him.

I pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine just as the front door swings open revealing my dad. I unbuckled and scrambled out of my car to run to my dad. He opened his arms and I slammed into him, giving him a tight hug. He squeezed me lightly as if I was fragile. I stepped out of his arm after a minute and studied him. I have his green eyes and his dark brown hair. My dad has always been well built which that hasn't changed a bit.

He smiled and asked, "Shall we get your things to your room?"

I nodded.

Once we sat everything in my room, he left so I could get everything situated. I looked around my room and sighed happily. It was good to be back. I have midnight purple painted walls with matching curtains. My king sized bed is centered and up against the wall, my black and purple comforter lay on top with matching pillows.

I have a book shelf in the far right corner with all my books on it. To my left is a closet and next to it is my walk-in bathroom. I don't have a TV in my room because I don't see any reason to have one. I have two night stands on either side on my bed. A black and purple lamp sits on each of them which matches.

After I was done putting all my clothes away it was about eight so I got ready for bed. I changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top then I brushed my teeth and hair. I shut off the bathroom light and climbed under my fluffy covers. I turned off the lamps than snuggled under the covers and thought about what to do tomorrow. I planned on running in the morning.

I smiled at my plan and I eventually fell asleep and dreamed off a pair of vibrant bluish gray eyes.

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