Angelic Sins: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

What makes resisting temptation difficult for many people is they don't want to discourage it completely.  ~Franklin P. Jones

                My apartment is dark as I sit on my leather chair. In my lap is a collection of books I bought at the bookstore on my way home. Everything I got is on angels. I never knew there were walking angels on earth. At least I chose not to believe in it.

                I turn to see the red wine on my end table. I reach for it and hold the crystal in my hand, as I smell the aged merlot. I have always loved the taste of bitter merlot, a taste that is too strong for a lot of people. When I became a vampire, one of my saddest moments was not being able to taste wine anymore. No longer do I need food or drink, except blood.

                I still remember the day I could smell and taste wine again. It seems so simple now as I sniff the merlot, a bottle of aged wine, and a few drops of blood. I now regain the full taste of what I love so much.

                I inhale deep as I let a sip down my throat. Never gulp wine, especially merlot. I keep turning the pages of an angel book as I enjoy my drink. Still I cannot find any information of an angel seeking and killing vampires. It is strange I have never heard of it, unless it is new.

                I close my eyes as I relive the scene from earlier that night. The angel, she was so beautiful. She reminds me of someone, yet I can’t place it. There is just something about her that intrigues me. I hear movement behind me and quickly turn around in instinct. Nobody is there except Dustin. I had forgotten we played the Playstation for a few hours.

                I smell him and tense up, fresh blood is lying on my leather couch. I forgot I even had a couch. It is in the back of my apartment where I don’t often look. My thirst is not quenched, yet I will not take his life.

                I stand up and put my new angel books into my bookcase and dim the lights. There aren’t very many places where there are still dimmer knobs, but I like having them. I can see perfectly well in the complete dark, yet I like the light. I can no longer see the sun, so this artificial light keeps some of my sanity intact.

                I hear the rustling wind outside and footsteps. They’re not normal footsteps, in fact if I were not a vampire, I would not have heard them. Something supernatural stands outside my door and doesn’t breathe. Before I have a chance to think of who or what it can be, I hear a knock.

                I turn away from the bookshelf to look at my door. My clock above shows it’s 3am. I look to the couch to make sure my company still sleeps. As I look through the door hole I wish I hadn’t. She has now seen me and knows I’m here.

                I quietly open the door and see my creator. She stands only 5’2” with bronze tan skin that shines in the moonlight. Her straight obsidian hair shines as it hangs down to her shoulders.

                “Hello Sakura,” I say.

                She smiles, I do not know if it is genuine, or of pity. I look into her small glossy brown eyes - starting to get lost in them, as I did the first day we met, the day she tricked me and bit my neck, causing my life to tumble into an oblivion of darkness. She seems so innocent, but I know better now. There aren’t many more vicious than her.

                “Are you going to ask me in… is that a snack that I smell?” she asks.

                “He’s off limits,” I say. I find it hard to deny her because I want to give her everything. I hate her for that, for having control over me.

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