Chapter 14.

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Scarlett's POV

When it's broke, it's perfect... I yawned dramatically as I hit the snooze button on my alarm, which was blaring, from my phone. I regret setting one of my favourite songs as my alarm as it's soon becoming one of my most detested records. I wanted to laugh at the irony of the song and the current situation I was facing but I didn't have it in me, it was far too early in the morning. And by early I mean it had just gone ten.

I let the alarm ring out one last time before I switched it off completely. I snuggled under the duvet, protecting my body with its warmth before I sharply threw the cover off myself and leaped, literally, out of bed. The wooden floor beneath my feet sent a single shiver up my spine, causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. "Bloody hell," I muttered to myself as the cold air surrounded my body. Obviously I was too preoccupied last night setting up for today to turn the heating on. I was mentally cursing my distracted thoughts. 

I scurried across the bedroom, it felt old waking up alone and enclosed by silence. Laura was most likely still asleep, not even sleeping beauty could out snooze her. I collected some fresh underwear, a clean pair of skinny jeans and a loose shirt from the draws before I padded across into the bathroom.

I smiled to myself as the water flowed down my body. I know being dumped the day before should leave me feeling depressed and drained of emotions but I couldn't help but smile. If Damian thinks I'm going down with out a fight, he better watch his back. He isn't the only one around here that can play games. I drenched my hair with multitudes of products, I wanted to look my best. No doubt Damian would be keen to see how I was holding up. He knew I had plans for today, he could read every text message I sent but that doesn't mean I have to show he's getting under my skin. I used my best shampoo and conditioner, shaved my body and rinsed myself with luscious smelling soaps.

Subsequently stepping out off the shower after almost half an hour of lather, rinse and repeating, I gathered my hair up into a towel whilst I moisturised the rest of my body. I really did need to learn not to shower in water so hot you could boil an egg in it, it did no good for my skin – flaking at the touch.

After brushing my teeth, hair and getting dressed I exited the bathroom, dumping my used towel into the wash basket. I would have put make-up on but I really couldn't fathom a decent reason as to why. I wasn't a 'natural beauty' but I didn't need to mask my face everywhere I went. If the tabloids want to talk about the pimple on my forehead then they should go right ahead, it's natural and frankly, I couldn't give a damn. As I put the kettle onto boil I quickly fish tail braided my hair since it was still wet and I was still hot from my shower I didn't fancy blowing hot hair at my face with a blow drier.

I stirred my teabag around the mug several times before slam-dunking into the bin. I was swaying my hips to the music subtly seeping from the radio when I was interrupted by a distinctive cough.

"You're up early?" I mused cheekily, flashing a grin in my sisters direction as she rubbed her tired looking eyes.

"It's the morning, how can you be so happy?" She murmured as she reached for the box of cereal in the cupboard nearest to her.

"I just have a good feeling about today, that's all."

"Mm," she hummed as she poured her cereal. "Where's Louis?"

"Oh, he stayed with over at the boys last night." I replied nonchalantly.


"We sort of broke up."

"What?" She asked practically spitting out her cereal, I shrugged my shoulder at her, not really knowing how else to respond. "You don't exactly seem very upset about it?"

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