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"Oh hey Ambs. How's a going. " Someone said from behind you.
"Oh hey Mike my day was awesome. What about yours. " I smile.
"It's gonna be better after I smash your face."
"Hey! Just leave her alone Michael!"
I turn around and thank god it's Violet.
Michael walks away.
"See you tomorrow baby cakes. " He said.
"Hey. " I tell violet.
"Girlfriend you have got to show him what a lesson is. " She laughs. "I know you have it in ya. "
"I do. It's just I'm scared that's all. He towers over me. "
"So what. Punch him in the balls and he'll easily fall to the floor. Kick him a couple of times. And then give him a kiss on the cheek while flipping him off and walking away. " Violet says.
"That was very detailed." I say.
  We walk to my house and start on our homework.
    "So. Are you going to the party at Calum's?" Violet asks.
     "Umm no. Obviously Michael will be there. And I've seen him drunk. It's gross. "
      "Well. You should come. For me. I'm going."
     "Maybe. " I mumble
    "Well I should get going. " Violet says.
     "Bye. " I say
      I walk in the kitchen.
      "Oh sweetie. I'm sorry forgot to tell you. Remember Karen? Well I work with her. She's bringing her family over for dinner. Don't worry. She has a son your age. " mum said chopping the cucumber
     "Oooo is he cute? Have you seen him before? Tell me everything. " I say and mum laughs.
     "Relax honey. There on their way. "
     "What?! I look like shit!"
      "Don't swear Amber!" Mum warns.
    You run upstairs and hurry and put on some makeup and straighten your hair.
    "Amber there here hurry on!"
    You run downstairs as mum opened the door.

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