The Search

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A/N: Kind of a short chapter, but it's important.. And kind of cute.


"Mitch!" Scott whispered harshly for the fifth time, trying to wake him in the nicest way he could. Mitch stirred a little, but showed no sign of coherence. "Okay! Fine! No Starbucks for you!" Scott huffed and stomped in place, wanting Mitch to believe he was on his way out.

Mitch groaned, obviously irritated. "Oh my God! Okay! I'm up! Shit!" He rolled to lie on his back and rubbed the back of his hands over his eyes. Soon he opened them and looked to his left to see Scott standing at the bedside with his arms folded over his chest. He was wearing nothing but boxers and still had messy hair. Mitch raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What the fuck are you doing up it's like.." He reached over for his phone on the nightstand but it wasn't in it's usually spot.

Scott didn't take his eyes from Mitch's. "It's like ten, I know!" Scott was getting angry because of how clueless Mitch was acting. Mitch squinted his eyes at Scott and Scott sighed, shifting his weight to the other side of his body. "Do you not remember what happened last night?" Scott was acting anxious and Mitch sat up fast, playing in his mind all the possible reasons Scott could be acting like this. He tried to remember the previous night.

Did I kill someone and now the cops are outside our apartment building? Did I get someone pregnant?.. Okay the killing thing was probably more likely.. Mitch rubbed his hand over his head where it ached. "Just tell me why you're acting like this." Mitch demanded with a sassy tone.

Scott huffed and threw his arms up, being dramatic. "Are you fucking kidding me? You don't remember anything?"

Mitch was getting scared now. What could I have done? Did I hurt Scott's feelings or something? He looked at the bed next to him. No one's in bed with me so that's a good sign..

Scott noticed Mitch look next to him and hoped that meant he remembered. "He's gone!"

"He? He who?" Mitch's eyebrows were scrunched in thought. So someone else was here last night..

"Mark! Oh my God, you seriously don't remember!?" Everything inside of Mitch seemed to turn upside down and he suddenly felt sick to his stomach.

"Wh-what happened?" He asked, afraid to know the answer.

"You acted a little more sober than you actually were then.." Scott was thinking out loud but this thought made Mitch very confused and a little less stressed.

So Scott was there.. "What the fuck? I'm so confused." He admitted and put his head in his hands.

Scott sighed. "Basically my problem right now is that he's gone."

Mitch looked up surprised by Scott's words. "So what?"

It was Scott's turn to be surprised. "So what!? So I thought he'd at least stay until we woke up? He asked to stay and I said of course, but now he's gone!"

Mitch couldn't figure out why Scott was acting like this but a sliver of jealous sparked inside of him and he sighed, lying down and turning his back to Scott. "Whatever. Go find your precious Mark. But my head hurts so can you keep it down?"

"Are you kidding? You loved Mark last night! You two even fucking tied me up!" Scott pled, trying to get Mitch to remember at least some of last night's adventures.

Mitch opened his eyes wide. What the.. He rolled over quickly to look at Scott's face, searching for any sign that he was kidding. "No way."

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