Chapter 48 ~Its a date

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Chrissy POV:

I have absolutely no idea how long I spent in my spot on the beach, but I know it must have been sometime after lunch because the sun moved. I continued watching the waves.

"Hey." I jumped at the sound of Damian's voice. I looked up at him.

"Hi" I mumbled looking back at the moving water. I could hear him sit down beside me.

"You okay?" He asked me I sighed. "Was it the kiss? Because if it was I'm sorry, I didn't, "

"It's not the kiss, Damian." I told him. I heard him breathe a sigh of relief.

"Then what's wrong?"

"Nothing." I told him and faked a smile. He didn't look convinced.

"You sure?" I nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Okay." He sighed. That's why I've always liked Damian he never pushes you to talk about what's bothering you. If he did, I don't know how I'd be able to cope without crying. And I know he wouldn't be able to handle that. He put his arm around me. I froze. This is when I regret kissing him because then he thinks that we are good. When I don't even think or know we're good. I cleared my throat.

"So why are you out of school right now?" I asked him he looked at me.

"Why are you?" He asked

"You first."

"Okay, it was boring without you there, it always is. I guess you just light up the room when you walk in." He shrugged "Now you? Why aren't you at school?"

"I got annoyed at the principal, he just ugh!" I sighed he chuckled.

"So um, tomorrow morning, some friends and I and others are going up to the cliffs and having a barbeque, do you want to come with me? As my date?" He asked

"What for? The barbeque I mean?"

"It's the fourth of July." My eyes widened

"Really? Whoa time really flies when you're a," I froze I almost spilled the secret.

"A what?"

"A very busy person." I answered smiling.

"Well that makes me very happy." He said sarcastically

"No, I meant with work, and school, and I just get things mixed up, a lot!"

"Yeah I remember, " he trailed off looking lost in memory. I nodded. "So will you?"

"Um, " I trailed off

"I get it, you moved on, you're with Paul and Jared which is odd, they seem really, " He trailed off. Then went to stand up.

"Yes." I said

"Yes what?"

"Yes I'll go with you."

"Really? I mean you don't have to. But," I cut him off by standing up and grabbing his face, kissing him again. I think I'd like to give Damian another chance, he's been really sweet lately. "Alright then I'll see you tomorrow." He smiled and pecked my lips.

"See ya." I sighed and looked at the huge rock like caves that were surrounding me. Nobody comes over in this area because they all think this is where the 'bear' lives. I smiled and figured it's time to go home to my 'loving' family. I got in my truck and drove home, I pulled in the driveway and walked towards the door. I unlocked the door and walked inside only to see that nobody's home. I threw my keys in the coffee table and sat down. I looked around the fancy livingroom until my eyes came across a note. I frowned and stood up walking towards it, I picked it up and saw the familiar handwriting of my father.


We've gone to the restaurant to eat, feel free to join us.


No! I don't need to go to the restaurant I can cook me something for myself, in fact I'll call the boys over and cook for them! I nodded to myself and took off my jacket walking into the kitchen. I opened the cabinet and looked around. Ribs? No too messy. Spaghetti? Maybe. Shrimp? Nah. Spaghetti it is! I began boiling the noodles and reached for the phone and dialed Emily. It rang twice before disconnecting. Weird. I dialed Paul's number and he answered.

"Hello?" He asked

"Hey Paul!"

"Chrissy, hey look listen I can't talk right now, I'm on patrol." He said pantimg heavily.

"Okay then." I hung up and dialed Jared while biting my lip.

"Chrissy I'm on patrol right now, I can't talk or Sam will have my head on a stick!"

"I thought Paul was on patrol?"

"No he's getting laid." He said like it was nothing. It's not nothing! How could Paul? Why could he?

"Alright." I sighed and hung up. Spaghetti for myself then. I made way too much though. I picked up the phone and dialed Quil.

"Hello?" He asked

"Hey Quil! Um listen did you eat?" I asked him. I could smell the noodles burning and turned. I held out my hand and it cooled down. I frowned looking at my hand.

"No moms not home yet. Doesn't get home until late-r"

"Oh well you see I made spaghetti and I have happened to make way too much you want to come over?" I asked sweetly.

"I don't know, are your parents going to be there?"


"Okay then I'll be there in five, bye." He hung up. Okay I've got one idiot cousin coming. I dialed Billy's number.

"Hey Uncle Billy, listen I made some spaghetti and I was wondering if you and Jake would like to come over and eat?" I asked

"Well I would agree but Charlie is coming over here. Plus your parents don't appreciate me talking to you." He said

"I made plenty, and I could come over there, yes I know he just doesn't want me to believe any of the legends and stuff."

"Alright if you'd like to then you could save Bella from cooking." I smiled

"Okay I'll be over soon. Bye Billy"

"Bye Christian." I hung up and walked over to the cooking noodles and stirred them. I put my hand out and imagined it a bit hotter. When it started boiling a lot I cooled it down and turned off the stove. I mixed butter and salt into them with a bowl. I picked a noodle up and tasted it. I smiled. It's good. I opened the sauce and cooked it fast with magic. I could get used to this! I put everything into some bowls and grabbed my jacket. I put it on and grabbed the bowls walking towards the door. I opened it and almost bumped into Quil.

"Let's go, we're eating at Billy's." He nodded and got in my car with me. "Did you walk?"

"Yeah. I don't have my license yet."



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