|02| Meeting the Mitchells + Old Friends

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Malia Pov

This is honestly taking forever I've been here for more than an hour I'm getting really impatient." How long does it take for a boat to get here." Said Claire's assistant Zara she looked more pissed off than me. Finally after at least 10 more minutes we finally saw a ship pulling up to the shore. Then Zara got out a sign that was inside her purse that said "ᴢᴀᴄʜ ᴀɴᴅ ɢʀᴀʏ ᴍɪᴛᴄʜᴇʟʟ" there are a lot of people and it's kinda hard to find Zach and gray mostly when we don't know how they look like at all.
Finally we saw two boys walking up to us one looked like he was 12 and that he was really excited to be here unlike the other who looked like he is 17 instead of him looking like he's going to have fun he looks bored out of his mind. Trust me I know how he feels I've here for a while now and I'm really really bored of this place because nothing ever really changed.

"Are you Zach and Gray?" The black head said looking bored. They didn't say anything all they did was nod. I have to admit that Zach boy is really really cute with his cute brown eyes and and brown hair with his lips that look really really kissa- wait what. Snapping me out of my thoughts the little boy asked." Where's Aunt Claire? She was supposed to be with us today." Said the little boy disappointed.
"Yeah. Your Aunt Claire is busy with stuff today but I promise that you'll have a lot of fun as long as I'm here." I smiled with a smile as I kneeled down to his size." What's your name?" The really really cute bo- ok seriously I need to stop. Zach asked." Malia." I said simply as I smiled getting back up and smiling at him. But the thing is that he didn't return the smile he just looked down to his phone. I just decided to let that pass by clapping my hands together." Okay we should get you guys to the hotels so you guys can settle in and Zara..." I said looking back at her direction I'm going to be at that building over there so you can just meet me there." I said she gave a nod and started to walk." Ok so you guys are going to go with Zara to the hotel and I'll meet you guys later." I said walking off. When I turned back I just saw Zach looking at me then when he noticed that I looked back and he quickly turned back around.
15 mínutєѕ lαtєr ( ѕtíll mαlíα'ѕ pσv)

So I'm still waiting here once again getting bored out of my life I was just looking around and I saw that nothing has really changed than from the first time I came here.
Then just when I was about to walk off I felt a pair of arms go around my waist then raised me and spinning me around once the person put me down I quickly turned around to see an old friend I haven't seen ever since I moved here."Shaun!!" I said hugging him tighter than ever and I think he was doing the same pressure then we finally pulled away." Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you in forever! What brings you here?!" I asked I know to much but I am just so happy." Well it's spring break and I want to spend some time with my girlfriend."

"Ohhh Shauny has a girlfriend!" I said while I saw him blushing a little aww that's so cute. Then a girl with long brown hair and eyes came up behind Shaun." Hey Shaun. Who's this?" The girl asked wow she is pretty nice going Shaun." Um Allison this is a old friend Malia. Malia this is my girlfriend Allison." He said." Hi it's nice to meet you." I said with a big smile while sticking my hand hand and she took and shook it gladly wow I like her already." Hi it's nice to meet you too. So are you here on visiting or...." She asked.
"No I work here I'm just giving a tour to my boss's nephews but they're with her assistant right now settling in." I said simply. Shaun just shook his while smiling." Its pretty cool you work here so where's Owen?"Shaun asked.

"Oh he's back to the restricted area right now he's working with raptors." They just smiled which made me smile." Well we better get going but Malia we'll see you around it was really nice seeing you again." Shaun said while coming and kissing my check and then me and Allison said our goodbyes and they left." Who was that?" I heard someone say I turned around to see Zach behind looking mad. Why is he mad? "He's just a friend..... Hey are you ok?" I said looking straight at him he just nodded." Come on let's catch up to my brother." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me close to him as we started to walk away why Is he acting like this all of a sudden.
I decided to let it go when I saw Gray with a huge grin on his face looking at us. Me and Zach looked at each other confused until we looked down at realized that our hand were still touching. We quickly pulled away while looking down and blushing. That was quickly thrown off when we heard Gray yell." Aunt Claire!" We saw Gray giving her a huge hug.

"Zach, Gray. Look how big you guys have grown the last time I saw you you were to here." She said. I pretty zoned out of that conversation and thinking how much I'm going to see Shaun my old buddy and Allison to get to know her better but she already seems like a nice person." Malia Malia, Malia!" I saw a hand wave I front of my face then I noticed it was Zach. Oh I must have zoned out a little to long.
"What what!?" I said while jumping. He just sighed." Well we said that you're going to the T-Rex are you coming?"

"Right right sorry." I said as I started walking towards the T-Rex exhibit. We saw a lot of people there just staring at the goat that was about to be eaten while Gray was trying to jump to see." Pick me up!" He said while Zach just passed by say." No I'm not dad and you're not five." I just rolled my eyes some brother he is. I was standing there in the corner once once again bored out of my mind.
"Well well I can see you're not the only one that's bored." I looked to see Shaun standing in front of me with a smile." You have no idea I've been here mostly all my life I already seen everything." I said while giving a sad smile." Where's Allison ?"
"Bathroom" he answered simply. I just looked around to see Zach staring and he was giving me the mad face look again." Well I better get going I don't want Allison thinking I'm blowing her off." I just smiled and he gave my another kiss on the check then left. Then I looked back to Zach who still staring at me." What?" I said walking to him. "Nothing." He said simply. Then I looked back to Zara on her phone and with that gave me an idea. Zach just looked at me confused then looked to where I was look and seeing the smirk that formed on his face I'm pretty sure we have the same idea.
Then Zach walked to Gray." Scatter." He said." What?" Gray asked in confusion." Just go!" I said pushing them to run. Now that we got away from all that this day might just get interesting.
thєrє íѕ chαptєr 2 hσpє чσu guчѕ líkє ít αnd í αlѕσ dєcídєd tσ put dчlαn σ'вríєn αѕ ѕhαun αnd crчѕtαl rєєd αѕ αllíѕσn. í nσw thαt í'm uѕíng tєєn wσlf chαrαctєrѕ αnd єvєn thєír nαmєѕ єхpєct fσr dчlαn вut í juѕt líkє thєm tσ much nσt tσ. αnчwαчѕ чσu guчѕ wíll вє ѕєєíng mσrє σf ѕhαun αnd αllíѕσn thrσughσut thє ѕtσrч thєч míght єvєn cσmє αpαrt σf ít.


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