Chapter five

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Sorry its been so long guys 

Kats pov

"seriously Kat" Maria complained for what had to be the fifth time that morning "Do we really have to move in there"

I laughed flicking her off "Look, I'd rather stay here as well, but no can do. It's your fault your room is such a wreck" I had been going around my pack house that morning helping people pack up and when I came to Maria's room I found her sitting on the floor surrounded by a dozen suitcases and a waist high pile of junk

"Is not" Maria complained "If the room just picked up after itself I wouldn't have this problem" she said as we zipped the last suitcase closed. I laughed shaking my head at her nonsence, Maria could be frivious at times but if you messed with her you'd better watch you back. "I'm going to miss this house" Maria says giving it one last look through making sure she hadn't missed anything
"We all are" I whisper softly, I didn't regret my decision to move the pack to Jason's house. Not yet at least, but it was hard leaving this house behind. It was where my pack and I had lived, our memories were ingrained in the structure of the house itself. "But its the right thing for the pack"

Jason pov

I paced my room anxiously, if the move failed my whole plan would fail. I needed Kathryn's pack, sooner or later they would be submissive to myself as well as Kat, and then after that all I had to do was dispose of the unless alpha. A ping of protectiveness hit me suddenly and I swore softly to myself. The last thing I needed to do was get attached to Kathryn.

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