My feet pace the halls as I rush into work, rushing to ensure I don't lose my job.

"I'm here," I gush, throwing my hair into a bun before I wash my hands.

"Run this to table seven," JP says, my hand grabbing the plates after tying my apron on. Bustling to get the plates to the table, I smile and put the orders in front of them. They thank me and I nod and smile, running back into the kitchen.

"How's Nan?" Chelsea asks, my head nodding.

"She's good," I smile, my grandmother the one I live with. My parents are too busy traveling the world to want to live with their daughter, let alone take me with them.

"Mark's," she says, pointing over to the man at the bar in the diner. I nod and walk his order over to him, his voice thanking me.

I nod and walk back into the kitchen, running orders and helping waitress. The job gets me money, and all I want is to save up to go to college.

"Here's Nan's order," JP says, my lips curving.

"Thank you," I smile, cleaning up for the night. While I sweep, I like to hum and dance to keep myself entertained. It's only when I'm closing.

"Ro, you think you could come in tomorrow for lunch?" Chelsea asks, my head nodding.

"I'll be here."

After we clean up and close, I grab Nan's order and begin my walk home. It's not long and as soon as I'm at the house, I notice the sold sign on the house next door. Finally, we get neighbors.

"Nan, I'm home," I smile, her grey cat walking towards me.

"Good. You have my chicken?" she asks, walking into the kitchen.

"When don't I have your chicken?" I tease, her hands clapping together when I hand her chicken sandwich to her.

"Do you know who the neighbors are?" I ask, her head nodding.

"I met the woman today. Oh what a beautiful woman. She has two kids, a girl and a boy, and her husband. They're from England due to relocation and reposition in her husband's job. The husband became the new manager or something," she says, my head nodding.

The thing about Nan is she's very up to date. She knows who all the celebrities are and she loves gossip. She's as sharp as a tack and doesn't take crap from anyone.

"I'm going to shower and go to bed. I have to work at noon," I tell her, kissing her cheek after we say goodnight.

After I shower, I lay on my bed and watch TV for a while before I fall asleep.

The morning is way too fast, rushing to get to work once again. The lunch shift on Saturdays is always busy so I'm running around, setting orders on the correct table.

"Someone bought the house," I tell Chelsea, her lips parting.

"No way. Who?" she asks, my shoulders shrugging.

"Some people from England. The husband got a job over here," I explain, her lips curving.

"Fun stuff man."

I laugh, running more orders to pass the time. By the time the next shift comes, I switch with a boy and walk home. Moving trucks surround the streets and I walk up to my house, Nan smiling when I hand her a chicken sandwich.

"I'll make cookies and you take them over," she says, licking her fingers after finishing her sandwich.


An hour later, I'm taking cookies over to the new neighbors. My feet walk up their stairs and I knock on the door, a woman with stunning green eyes looking at me.

"Hi, I'm Ro. I live with Nan next door," I smile, her lips curving.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Anne," she says, her accent flowing from her words.

"I brought you cookies as a welcome to the neighborhood," I grin, her delight clear.

"Thank you so much. My son loves chocolate chip cookies," she says, inviting me in after.

"Now are you in school?" she asks, my head shaking.

"No. I work down at the diner to save up for college. I want to go into the medical field," I tell her, her lips curving.

"That's wonderful. My daughter is in genetics and my son...God, I have no idea what the hell he's doing," she sighs, my head nodding.

"Do they live with you?" I ask, her head nodding.

"My daughter Gemma is looking for an apartment. Harry, my son, needs to live here," she explains, my head nodding.

"He's upstairs. Claimed the attic 'his' once we got here. I'll call him down to meet you," she smiles, my head nodding.

She calls him down and a few minutes later, an unexpected tall, muscular man walks into the kitchen.

"Harry, this is Ro. She's the next door neighbor. She's very nice," Anne says, Harry observing me. He seems almost skittish, but I give him a smile.

"Ro's a weird name," he says, my lips releasing an amused laugh.

"It's short for Rosalie."

Anne looks back up at him, his eyes on me the entire time. I can't tell if something's wrong with him, but he seems to overthink things.

"Rosalie," he says, my head nodding.

"It's a pretty name," Anne smiles, Harry's eyes still looking at me.

"Is she staying her for dinner?" he asks, turning away from me to ask his mother.

"No, she has to go back to her grandmother," Anne explains, his head turning back to look at me.

He only nods and I smile over at him.

"It was nice to meet you," I tell him, his eyes flickering to my hand as I hold it out to shake.

Anne encourages him and his hand molds with mine, lightly shaking it. He doesn't let go for a while and when he does, I wave and walk back to my house.

"How was it?" Nan asks, my head nodding.

"I met her son," I tell her, her lips curving.

"Is he nice?"

"Yeah. I think he has people problems though, but he said Ro was a weird name," I smile, her lips releasing a laugh.

"Because it is," she teases, pinching my cheek before walking into the living room.

"Do you want dinner or was your chicken enough?" I ask, her response that she's good.

After making myself a salad, I sit outside and eat, watching the sunset. It's so beautiful. Watching the sunset is one of my favorite things to do. The colors bring me to a serene state and I always relax.

"Ro, come watch Wheel of Fortune with me," Nan calls, my lips curving.

"I'll be right in," I smile, amused with the white haired woman I live with. She always knows how to make me laugh and for that, I'm thankful.


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