Chapter 21: Alone Time

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Mystery's POV

I attached the gun to its holster on my belt buckle and lifted my shirt over to conceal the weapon. Grabbing my keys off my desk, I quickly rushed out of my office and down the darkened corridor towards the exit doors.

I was joined by my assistant instantly.

"Shoot." I said, indicating I was all ears until I reached the doors.

"The directions have been wired into your untraceable GPS. You are to arrive there at about 4pm today."

"Jesus, what's the time right now?" I questioned, remembering the last time I checked it was about midnight.

"It's 3:46 am sir. Remember, you cannot get into any altercations with the law on the roads so no more than 3mph above the speed limit and no less than 5mph below. Car is full tank and automotive, it should get you to your destination without fail. Good luck sir." My secretary finished before to she separated from my side and headed down a different hallway.

I reached the exit doors and headed out towards my preset car.

Winter's POV

"We're in?" I questioned, looking at the monitor screen.

"We're in."

"I don't see anything."

"Thanks Captain Obvious."

"Shut up Sergeant Dick-Head."

Tyler glanced over from the screen to look at me with an eyebrow raised. I gave him a warning glare then refocused my attention on the computer.

"So... Where are the documents?" I asked as we both stared at a blank white screen that was supposed to contain a list of documented medical bills/procedures.

"I have no idea... I mean who would government classify an empty file?" Tyler asked, reloading the page as if it would magically pop up.

"This is some sketchy shit." I whispered, continuing to stare at the screen confused.

"So to clarify things... We just hacked into government issued classified files of my Mom's and Grandmother's death/ Post-death Autopsy information , and found nothing?"

"Yep." Tyler replied, annunciating the P.

"Fucking wonderful man, fucking wonderful." I sighed, already moving away from the computer to sit on the edge of my bed.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help." Tyler sighed, pushing the computer chair away from the desk to face me.

"You just hacked the governments firewall... I'd say you've done a lot for me already." I replied, assuring him he's helped tons.

"Thanks." Tyler smiled, moving closer to the edge of the bed with his computer chair until of feet were touching.

"I want to break it off with Jess." Tyler stated, scooting his legs in-between mine.

"Tyler, you can't." I said, shaking my head.

"Winter, it's my decision. You can't change that. And what I can't change is that I've fallen helplessly in love with you. Over and over again. Everyday. Every morning when you wake up in an oversized t-shirt that shows off all your tattoos, or when you have to stand on our tiptoes to get a coffee mug from the top shelf yet you never move them down to the bottom shelf because you claim its your stretch for the morning.

"I love the way you get so absorbed in what you're doing that you block out everything around you. Or how you wear those old grandmother glasses to read with yet you claim your eye sight is perfect. I love how you see books as the most important object in like and how when you look at a person, their flaws are surpassed. I love how-"

Before Tyler could finish the next sentence, My body lunged forward closing the distance as I found myself attaching my lips to his unconsciously. My hands shot to the back of his head and I stood up from the edge of the bed to quickly shuffle my body onto his lap. I straddled my legs around his waist while he leaned us back on the computer chair never separating our lips...


His hands settled on my hips as I shifted forward to get as close as humanly possible to him. One of his hands moved to grope my ass while the other one snaked up my bare back under my shirt to unclasp my bra.

I temporarily broke the kiss to lift my shirt and bra up over my head to expose my bare chest to him. His hungry eyes raked over my body as he suddenly shot up from the chair. I tightened the hold my legs had on his waist as he pushed me back into the bed with him on top. His mouth found mine in a heated kiss as his hands massaged my breasts. His lips moved from mine to my neck and I turned my head a bit to give him more access. An unexpected moan left my lips as he nibbled on my sweet spot.

"That was so hot." He mumbled into my neck as he started to descend his kisses down from my neck to my collar bone before reaching my left nipple. He sucked and nibbled as incoherent words fumbled out of my mouth and I shamelessly continued to sound like a porn star. One of his hands grabbed my right breast as the other one slipped underneath my sweatpants drawstring.

I groaned and bucked my hips up as his fingers make contact with my soft slick opening.

"You're wet." Tyler said, my nipple in-between his teeth.

"Yes, obviou-" I let out a low moan as he slipped one of his fingers into me, curling it inside my soft walls. He moved the rest of his body towards my lower region to slip my sweats and underwear off leaving me completely naked. He then started leaving kisses all around my lower area and up my thighs before I finally whined from all this teasing.

"Jesus Tyler, stop teasing." I begged as my body started to shake from anticipation.

"Let me enjoy you." Tyler responded, looking up to catch my eyes. I stared at him for what seemed like forever before her hastily lunged his body back up to connect his lips with mine. I snaked my arms around his back and tangled my fingers into his hair as I brought him down more. My head shot back and I cried out in pleasure as he plunged two more fingers into me.

"Ty-Tyler!" I screamed his name as he abruptly sped up the pace of his fingers and resumed his assault on my neck with his lips.

"I want to hear you scream my name. Repeatedly. Over and over until you lose your voice." He growled huskily as he brought his body back towards my lower abdomen. He pulled my legs up and wrapped them back around his neck then brought his mouth to my wet throbbing lips. He pumped his three fingers in and out while his tongue flicked my clit rapidly.

"Tyler!" I screamed/moaned as my body started bucking repeatedly. I could feel my orgasm rip through my body with such force as my toes curled and my hands gripped the sheets. Tyler didn't even ease up. He continued his fast pace as I rode through my orgasm and quickly built up another one. One of his fingers brushed against my G-spot that did me in as another orgasm ripped through my body. I saw literal stars as my eyes squeezed shut and my body practically lifted off the bed.

Tyler continued his torment until I was completely spent before he moved back up on the bed to wrap his arms around me under the sheets.

"I want to reciprocate those actions." I mumbled drowsily as I breathed heavily.

"You'll get a chance, sleep for now." He whispered into my ear as I laid back into his to fall into a deep slumber.

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