Garlic and herbs

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The music was pounding and the lights moved with the beat. I have only been to a club one other time on my eighteenth birthday. This club was much bigger however then the one I went to.

As the people swayed and danced to the music the sweat dripped from their bodies. It wasn't hard to tell their were species of all kinds here. There was one smell I wasn't very familiar with. One of garlic and spices.

"What's that smell?" I asked Derek.

"Uh Sweat maybe," he said in my ear as he weaved me through the crowd towards the bar.

As we approached the bar I looked around once more. There was booths limed against the wall and I pounced towards it. Derek only gripped my hand tighter as he awaited the bartender.

"I will have a Guinness and she will have a coke," I frowned. He had allowed me wine at dinner before.

"They operate under human laws," he whispered as the bartender filled our order.

Once Brad and Melly got their drinks we headed towards the corner booth I had pointed out to Derek. Melly slid in by me leaving the guys to sit on the other side. Neither seemed to happy. I however haven't really hung with my best friend in a long time it seemed.

It was slightly quieter here but still loud. Me and Melly began catching up on things as the guys drank their beers.

"At midnight you can have one drink," Derek suddenly said making me perk up

"Why at midnight?" I asked. It wasn't like I would turn into a pumpkin.

"Because the owner is one of us and allows for one drink," he shrugged.

"Hey guys I see you made it," The guy I remember as Tristan said. I believe he was a enforcer but wasn't sure.

As they said their hellos and handshakes which I never understood why guys did I drank some of my soda.

"Glad to finally get to know you better Alpha," he bowed to me and I nervously looked around hoping no one would see.

"Nice to get to know more members of Derek's..I mean our pack," I extended my hand for him to shake.

A tall girl with long black hair snakes her fingers in Tristan's other hand and smiled at me. Surprisingly it wasn't a fake smile but a genuine one.
"Nice to meet you," I smiled back at her.

"Where are my manners,"she bowed as she placed her hand in mine.

These humans were going to think we were crazy.

"This is my mate Ana," Tristan's eyes lit up when he said her name.

Uptown funk blared on the radio and I couldn't help but dance.

"This is my song," both girls said at the same time.

Ana grabbed my hand and Mellys and led us onto the dance floor. The guys just stood and watched as we danced and sang at the top of our lungs with the rest of the crowd. When the song was over we headed back to the table while the guys went to the bar again.

My nose was again filled with the smell of garlic and herbs. Maybe someone works in a kitchen that uses those I thought to myself.

"Are you excited for the ceremony?" Ana asked.

"I'm a little nervous," I admitted.

"Everyone will love you. Don't be," she said.

"Things have been pretty smooth for me," Melly said.

"Yea well your not gonna be ogled by everyone and go through several ceremonies like me," I shrugged.

"The one at the pack house is more like a meet and greet. The actual ceremony will be with the head of the packs and who they invite. That takes a bit longer to organize," Ana said.

Again the strong smell of garlic and herbs filled my nose. And I looked around trying to find the source of the smell.

"Do they serve food here?" Melly asked smelling no doubt what I did.

"No, but there's a great diner nearby we could hit on our way home," Ana said.

Once the guys returned we decided to head to the bathroom. As we made our way to the bathroom someone grabbed my shirt. My adrenaline began to rush.

"Remove your hands now," Melly said.

I turned to look at the culprit. He was tall and pale and the smell of garlic and herbs filled my nose. His hair was spiked and I couldn't help but think that style had long went out of style though it looked right for him. I should have been scared but I wasn't.

"Remove your hands from me," I calmly said. The man looked down confusingly at his grip on me

"I'm sorry," he simply said as he released his hands from me but not soon enough.

Derek had him pinned against a wall and the tall man looked so small in his grip.

"How dare you touch my woman and the High Alpha female." he gritted his teeth. I needed to get him out of here before he shifted. There were humans here as well.

"Derek, it was an accident," I placed my hands on his shoulder trying to calm him and his wolf.

He seemed to calm slightly as he looked at me. His eyes were still as black as onyx.

"It was no accident," he said tightening his grip once more on the man.

The man remained calm his eyes glazing between a blue and a clear color. I have never seen anyones eyes do that. Who was this man.

"People are staring," I tried again. Derek glanced around then let go of the man.

"Now answer me Vamp," he spat out.

I gasped. Vamp? Did that mean he was a vampire? I barely just learned they really existed let alone met one.

"I am only to get her a message." The vampire answered.

"What message?" Derek asked.

"It is of a private matter," he looked around from Melly and Brad to Tristan and Ana.

Derek nodded towards the others as they stepped away.

"He wishes to meet with you," he said looking towards me.

"Who?" I asked.

"The king." was his simple reply.

King? What king? Derek was basically our king in a sense.

"Why would your king wish to meet with her?" Derek asked.

"I do not know," he handed me a piece of paper but before I could read it Derek swiped it from my hands.

"It's blank. What kind of game is this?Derek began moving towards him again.

Your kind can not read it," The Vampire simply said before walking off.

Why give us a note we cannot read," Derek said out loud mostly to his self.

I grabbed the paper from his hand and words began to form as I gasped.

"Whats wrong?" he pulled me to him "Isabella talk to me," he said.

"I can see the words," I said.

What did that mean? He said his kind but yet I"m just like Derek yet I could read it.

Hello lovelies and gents. This chapter is a bit shorter then usual but I got to go to work and wanted you guys to have an update. This has not been edited and has been typed on my phone. Sorry for any mistakes. Please vote comment and let me know what you think. Oh a mystery. Don;t fret it will be resolved very soon. I estimate this story has maybe 6 to 8 or so chapters left give or take a chapter or two. But this ties in with the story. Enjoy.

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