Chapter 1

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When I finally arrive in Beacon Hills they are having a storm. Grrreat! I hope you read it in the frosties ad voice.

I had my hair done into cornrows just before I left and now it's going to be all frizzy when I take it out but my baby hairs are still on fleek . 

This whole thing better be worth it. 


I should introduce myself, I'm Kiana Fawn Shantory and I'm going to be a senior at Beacon Hills High School, oh and I'm 17. I'm going to be living alone in the new house that I've just bought.

Long story short I'm a supernatural but I don't know what kind. I was raised by wolves, literally. All I know is that my eyes glow gold like a werewolf, so I can pass myself off as one. I'm here to find the Alpha, Scott McCall so I can join his pack. I knew Allison Argent and she recommended that I find him.


"We've been here for nearly 30 minutes, I should be in my new home by now." I glare at the taxi driver as I say this.

She gives me a dirty look, "Well I can't help the fact that there is a storm tonight."

I glare at her, "You should have chosen a different route." 

"Honey, for where you want to go, this is the only route." I growl and slouch back in my seat. Can you believe that my phone ain't even working. 

"I'll be right back." I open the door and ignore the drivers shouts. I get out of the vehicle and my eyes immediately go to a girl that is standing on a car roof. She jumps down and stares at a buff but handsome guy whose staring at his cell. 

"I'm not getting anything either." I could faintly hear him say. She doesn't say anything as she gets back into her car, that's when it hits me. Kitsune. 

The rumours really are true, I do hope I get a glimpse of that Banshee. 

The boy stares my way, instead of turning away he smirks at me. I raise an eyebrow and beckon him over. I bite my lip as he walks over to me. He smells good but he don't smell human... Werewolf.

I pull him to the side of the road where we stand face to face. 

"Give me your number." I take my phone out of my pocket while saying this before handing it to him which he takes while smirking. 

"You're fast." He taps his number in before saving it and handing it to me. He gives me his phone and I do the same. Once I'm done I decide to take a selfie on his phone, he chuckles and I look him up and down before taking the picture. 

He takes his phone back then pockets it, "Why did you want my number?" This wind is horrific, thank goodness for my cornrows.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a few people in their cars staring at us. I wrap my arm around his neck and I tell him to wrap his around my waist. 

"Are you going to answer me or what?" His voice is so deep, so sexy. I pull our heads closer together before flashing my golden eyes at him. He flinches before flashing is yellow eyes at me. "You're a werewolf?"

I shake my head, "No but you are." I roll my eyes as I see his eyes drift to my lips. "Why are you here?"

"I'm a friend of Scott's, I'm here to join the pack." I growl at him. 

"I'm supposed to join the pack. You have to wait." I look very carefully into his eyes but can't tell what emotions he feels as it keeps switching. I ain't gonna lie there is something very off about him.

"I'm Theo."


I pull away from Theo and start walking away but not before telling him, "I'll call you when I get service. For now, get back to your vehicle." I walk back towards the taxi and I glare at the driver as I walk past her. I open the door and get inside.

We keep silent and I let my mind drift. What am I? My eyes flash gold but sometimes they change, I heal and run quick. I have the same abilities as a werewolf yet I'm much too different to be one.

I narrow my eyes at the window when I hear the thunder. It is pouring like crazy. Then all of sudden I feel it. I can feel the power. 

The power of a True Alpha.

I roll down my windows only to see a guy getting off his motorbike and running towards the kitsune. I purse my lips as they embrace eachother. That's him. I roll the window back and lean my head back.

Scott McCall the True Alpha. Theo better not try anything stupid.


It's been almost an hour and we have only moved an inch. AN INCH! 

"That's it! I'M OUT!" I throw a hundred dollar bill at the driver before getting out in the pouring rain and heading to the boot. I take my suitcase and the heavy backpack out. I look up and I spot that Theo kid running. 

I close the boot, open the door and throw my things back in. I tell the driver to deliver the stuff to my new address, I secretly snap a photo of her. She groans but agrees. 

I take off running, in hopes of getting to the Alpha before Theo does.

Once I reach what happens to be the outside of the school I watch as Theo faces off with some big werewolf guy with claws... No ordinary ones but talons. 

The big guy knees Theo and chucks him towards the Kitsune. I growl out loud before I feel myself change. I run at guy and he looks ready to take me. I slid in between his legs but I grab a hold of his left leg as I swing around and kick him right in face. 

Scott looks at me surprised and Theo just stares. The big guy grabs my legs and swings me around like a boomerang. I go flying right into the wall.

It hurts like a bitch.

I lightly touch my face and it doesn't feel right. I can't describe it but I don't think I look human right now. I watch as the big guy grabs Scott and stabs him with his glowing blue talons. Theo and the Kitsune both stand up ready to fight. I back away into the wall and watch as everything unfolds. 

I smirk as Scott breaks the guys arm and threatens him which causes him to run off.

I slowly get up, trying to act as if I'm still hurt. Scott walks up to his friends as they turn to face Theo and I.

He smirks before walking forward, "You don't remember me, do you?" I narrow my eyes at the back of his head. "I guess I look a little different since fourth grade." 

Scott suddenly says, "Theo?"

I tune out and stare at the direction that the big werewolf talon guy ran in. It's almost as if somebody was staring right at me.

"...Because I want to be a part of your pack."

I kiss my teeth and they all stare at me.

"Hi, yes. I'm Kiana and I'm somewhat a werwolf and I've come to join the pack." 

Scott looks at me and says, "Why should we trust you and let you in the pack?"

I sigh, "Allison Argent sent me here." I hear several gasps.

I feel confused when I see their face hold a look of discomfort and pain. 

Where's Allison?


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