Kennedy P.O.V

Alicia really thought she could steal prince away from me and nothing would happen. I reminded her in the summer not to get with him and what did she do? She ruined it for herself and went trolling along with prince. If she just would've listened to me, the things I was bound to do wouldn't happen. And she thought i was the stubborn one. You guys are probably wondering what I want to do with this girl. Well lets label it as..... Sweet Revenge for now and believe me it's going to be good, trust me. I've been brewing up this plan ever since late summer and I have no hesitation for holding back, everything was going by my plan and smoothly anyways.

I've been in this River Banks high school for just five days and I'm already known around the hallways. I hate to admit it, but it was only cause of Alicia. She introduced me to her friends and cliques around this school and even though I told her not to show me around, she went against her will and did so anyways. I became so known , the most popular boy that existed in River Banks, Jordan, invited me to his house party later on tonight. Jordan was fine but I still have my eyes for prince and will not let Alicia replace me whatsoever. Her relationship with prince is bound to be crumbled. I'm in the picture now and there's no chance of stopping me. I should feel a bit of empathy for her, knowing that she helped me with my reputation but yet I'm going to do some damage to her but when it comes to my man, I do not play.

I took a seat on my full sized bed and pulled my phone out of my top drawer. I then began to compose Tamara, my good friend from my previous school's number. I played with my baby blue acrylic nails as the phone rang. Within a few rings , Tamara finally answered.

" Hey tammie " i spoke, giving her the nickname I did a few years ago. " you have the powder ready?"

" Mhm, just pick it up before you leave to the party alright? I'll be here"

We both agreed and I ended the call. Having nothing to do, I decided to chill at Tamara's place for a while before actually heading to the party . Out of my closet , I picked out a lightly-glittered blue dress what reached a few inches before my knees which had straps,

A blue suede ankle-strapped wedges and paired my outfit with jewelry to match. I applied makeup and went into Alicia's closet in her room. Luckily she was still working so I trolled in her room and took whatever I wanted to without her even realizing. I went through the racks until I found a short denim jacket. I slipped it on and left her room. Alicia never realizes some of the stuff I use of hers but oh well. It's not like she payed for it, she probably has prince giving her money or just purchasing it for her.

I grabbed my purse and my car keys and headed out the door. I was then on my way to Tamara's house.


I stopped the roaring engine of my car and pulled out my keys. I was in front of Tamara's house and I was more than ready to grab that powder and put my plan into action. My heels make a click-clacking noise on the concrete as I approached her porch of her house. On her porch, I rung the doorbell and swayed from side to side as I waited patiently. Moments later, Tamara appeared at the front door. She looked the same the last time I've seen her but with more edge now. It's been a while since I've seen her cause she was expelled at my old school for fighting almost every girl in our school. Usually, the girl's boyfriends' would fall for Tamara , who wouldn't ? She was gorgeous, not that I found her attractive. She has that goddess type of body and she was pretty much flawless. The girls' would find that their boyfriends like her and would try and cause a fight, not knowing that Tamara could fight like a girl from Harlem. Tamara's sweet and honest facade would mistake the real her and girls from our school had to learn the hard way , a good ass beating.

Tamara wore a crop floral top, black leggings, and her once black natural curls now turned into a bright, fierce Rihanna red wave.

" Come in" Tamara gladly invited my in, backing away to the side to let me in. I took a seat in one of the one-seated couches. I played with my crimped waves as I waited for Tamara, whom was in the kitchen, god knows doing what. Within minutes, Tamara came back with a tray of two piña colada beverages. She cautiously placed it on the table before plopping onto the couch.

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