--Mo Mo-

I had just finished packaging away my clothes, when I had the urge to pee. I went and did my thang, and while I was washing my hands, I heard commotion coming downstairs.

I crept down the stairs, and began hearing Renae arguing with Kendra.

"Mom, give me my phone, come on!" Kendra urged.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that? You want round two? Because I sure as hell will do it!"

"Ok mom Im sorry.."Kendra backed down, lowering her voice.

"Monica!" Renae called me.

I jumped.

"Yess, Aunty Renae.?"

I walked down the remaining steps, and entered the kitchen.

I saw Kendra and Aunty Renae sitting down at the table.

Kendra was very tall girl. She had jet black hair and resembled Cassie. She didn't really have  an ass nor boobs, but her face was definitely a1.

She looked over at me and rolled her eyes.

Renae smiled at me and asked me to join them, patting the seat down beside her.

I sat down across, from Kendra. She was staring down, tapping the table.

"KENDRA!" Renae yelled as she gave  Kendra the death stare.

"Yes mom!"


"Hi" she said dryly.

I sighed.

"Hi Kendra." I responded back.

"You happy now? " Kendra got up, kissing her teeth and went to her room.

"That girl, is really starting to get on my nerve!" Renae said kissing her teeth,as her nostrils began to flare out.

I just laughed it off.

"Oh yes and here!" She said getting up.

She went into her purse pulling out a set of BMW keys, and an iPhone 5 box.

A big grin appeared upon my face.

"Mom told me you didn't have a cellphone, and you NEED one!" She said smiling, while handing me the phone.

"And this" She said while jingling the keys in her hand. "Is for you lil car!"

"Oh my gosh! You bought me a car?"

"Yeaah a lil gift, since I've missed a lot of moments in your life!"

I got up while running over and hugging her.

"Thanks so much!"

"No problem hunny!"

"Can I take it for a ride?"

"Yeaa go ahead! There's a built in gps! Do you have money? "

"Yea grandma said she put some money in my account"

"Kk..call me if anything! I programmed my number in your phone."

"Okok.. and thanks again!"

I headed out the door, to see the silver bmw parked in the driveway.

I unlocked the doors, and sniffed the new car smell.

I started the car, and put my seat belt on. Music started playing.

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