Part II

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Chapter 1 - No O...Then No U

"Oh yeah! That's it baby almost." Steve grunts.

Gwen was hungry! She wondered if she should make some chicken salad with the left over roast chicken she has as her eyes focus on the black framed John Lennon poster hanging over the bed? Yeah, she could really go for some chicken salad right about now. The crispness of the celery mixed with the creamy tang from the mustardy mayonnaise and large chunks of chicken.

Her stomach rumbled at the thought.

"Oh god Gwen you are so tight, mmm!"

Or maybe just a simple chicken sandwich with mayo. She used to love it when her mom made those when she was young. The thought of the thick slab of meat in between two slices of crusty bread is making her mouth water.

Her stomach was now becoming angry with a loud growl.

"You feel that baby, you feel that!" He's grunting again.

Damn! Would he come already, Gwen thought. She was starting to get sore. She sighs. Time to flip her head back and moan, that should do it.

Head flipped, long chestnut hair splayed across back. Check.

"Oh God."

Moan. Check

Also a little something extra, an arch of the back just because she's in a good mood thinking about the chicken.

Back arching. Check. And a few kegels...check...check.

"I'm coming Gwen baby. Oh yeah! So good!"

Gwen feels her boyfriend press into her one last time as his body shivers. Within seconds he's pulled out and turns to lie on the navy blue duvet that covers their queen sized bed. She's looking down at him from all fours watching as he squeezes off the condom and tosses it into the antique copper trashcan beside the bed. Her head falls forward so a curtain of hair covers her face and she sighs.

"You were on fire tonight baby. Man my stomach is growling."

"Well, I was thinking of making some chicken salad from the left over chicken." Gwen mumbles with her head still hanging down.

"Oh that sounds good. Make me a sandwich while you're at it. You're the best."

She feels him move and hopes he might actually want to caress her or at least give her a kiss. Gwen raises her head to see him leaning past her to grab the remote for the television, lying on her pillow. She sighs, again, and climbs out of bed.

"Cubs playing tonight Steve?"

"You know it Gwenny. I think I missed the first inning, but it was worth it."

He winks at her as she sighs yet again. She has been sighing a lot these days. Not in the take-your-breath-away-I'm-so-in-love way, but in the this-is-getting-pathetic way.

Her feet march into the bathroom to clean up. Finally succumbing to the screams from her stomach Gwen goes into the kitchen. With irritated force she rips the container of chicken out of the fridge and slams the door closed. She's pissed. Mad that she puts up with this and angry that she is still here!

Steve was so charming when she first met him. Gwen was smitten with his good looks as he wooed her with all the right words and romantic dates.

Her bright blue eyes shut and she drifts back to when his sandy blond hair was tousled just right and his hands knew where to touch her. Now she's lucky if he has showered in the last few days before he wants her.

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