Chapter 47 ~Discipline

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Chrissy POV:

I wore a long sleeved baby blue shirt today for school, to hide the bandage and all that. I don't want Paul, Jared, or Sam to find out that he did that to me, believe it or not those three are very protective over me. I don't know how they'd react to Embry doing this, and also that it hasn't healed yet. Like even now it's not healed all the way, I took off the bandage thinking it would be gone by now but it's not, which it should be. I grabbed another bandage and wrapped it around my wrist before pulling down my sleeve. I bent down tying my Fila shoes and then walked out of my room.

"Off to school?" My dad asked me I nodded. "Eat first." He gestured for me to sit.

"I'm good, thanks." I told him.

"Alright have fun, Sarah already drove everyone else to school so it's just you today." He said and walked into the kitchen. I nodded. No, have fun Christian, be good, I love you be careful. I got in my truck and drove to school. I was in my locker when I felt someone behind me. I turned around and gasped.

"Don't fucking do that! Damian!" I exclaimed holding my chest. He didn't scare me but I had to act like it. He smiled.

"I forgot, you're always so jumpy."

"I forgot, you're an asshole!" I shot at him. He smirked.

"I said I was sorry, I never meant to hurt you." He told me I narrowed my eyes at him. "I'm serious."

"What do you want, Damian?" I sighed.

"You." He smiled a cheeky smile. I rolled my eyes.

"Well you should have thought about that when you cheated." I slammed my locker shut and walked away.

"In my defense, I was drunk and she put something in my drink." He chased after me.

"Do you have proof?" I asked him.

"No but, you know I would never voluntarily hurt you. Not when I loved you, still love you." That stopped me. I gulped and slowly turned around looking at his distraught face. That face that I once used to look forward to see.

"Damian." I sighed he frowned. By now the halls were empty.

"I get that you don't want to be with me anymore, but Chrissy, I want you to know that I did love you still do." He said turning around getting ready to walk away. I did the thing I knew I'd probably regret. I pulled his arm stopping him, and I kissed him. He instantly kissed back grabbing the back of my neck and my hip.

"Christian, Damian you can kiss on your free time, right now get to class!" Mr. Santiago said. We pulled apart and I watched as Mr. Santiago scolded him. "Get to class Damian." He nodded
"Yes Sir. Bye Chrissy." He said kissing my cheek and walking to class. I looked at Mr. Santiago. He nodded towards his office and we walked. I sat in the chair across from him.

"I hope that, this was nothing! You know how your dad is with him!" He told me. Mr. Santiago is Tori's brother.
"Yeah, he hates him."

"Of course he does, he's a bad influence on you, he turned you into this trouble making brat! You used to be such a sweet girl." He said. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"He didn't turn me into anything!" I defended him.

"Yes he did! You can't see what he did to you! You were so sweet and always so nice and then," he trailed off.

"No! You, Dad, and Tori did that to me!" He stopped and looked at me in pity. "You all lied! I never got to meet my mom or spend time with her because of the stupid family rule!"


"No! I-I'm going home" I stood up and walked outside. I got in my car and drove off. I was driving home when I came to a stop sign.

"David! You don't understand! She's an embarrassment to the family!" I heard my grandfathers voice. He's always hated me.

"I know dad but, "

"No she was a mistake that was made in a hotel room! She doesn't listen to you! You said it yourself! I think it's time you punish her properly!"

"I do!" My dad defended himself.

"No you don't! You just ground her and send her to her room, she has a window that she could easily get out. It's time you show her who's boss!"

"What are you saying?" Tori asked him

"Hit her! Show her you're the boss not her!"

"She's my daughter!" My dad said

"She's a mistake! Understand boy!"

"Yes father." Leave it to my dad to defend himself and not his daughter against someone. I turned my car around and drove to the beach. I got out and walked to my spot. I sat down and just watched the waves dance. I can't believe it! My dad wouldn't really hit me, would he? He couldn't, he wouldn't. Right? I mean he does love me as a daughter, he has to, he raised me. But why would he agree that I'm a mistake? Am I? Was I not supposed to be born, am I the burden in the family? The mistake he can't get away from? The mistake that's haunting him? Maybe I should just leave and save him and everyone else the trouble of putting up with me? Because everything would be better if I wasn't born, Sam probably wouldn't have scarred Emily, Jared and Paul wouldn't have been angry when they phased, Jacob would've moved on from Bella Swan, Quil would be the only prankster, Embry would still have his lucky shirt, Dad would have a happy and proud father and respectable kids, Tori wouldn't have to raise someone she didn't carry, the school would have less drama. They say there's always one family member that always screws up, always the one who makes everyone look bad, always the one with anger issues, the one nobody could stand, am I that family member?

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