CHAPTER 42 First Wave of Agents

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I woke up early. My body said it was too early. I hadn't slept well. The night before I had started on a new regiment of taking The Drops, as I affectionately called them. The Doc had recommended them to help support my body clean itself up from "gunk" as I called it. My right eye had bothered me a little, which all and all made for a toss and turn night. Nothing like the feeling of sand in your eye to not help you sleep well.

When I looked in the mirror the eye looked rather inflamed and bothered all around. No wonder really with all the stress going on. I decided not to go into the Doc's office and let myself ride through the weekend on the new supplement program from the Doc. It was a good time to also work on keeping my state of mind positive and optimistic. Over all I felt pretty damn good.

Friday brought the first wave of the real estate agents to the Farm trying to sell Parcel A to new buyers. First to come and grace us was a red truck with two older gentlemen in it. They looked around the exterior of the A-Frame on Parcel A. I could hear them as they rummaged through the dumpsters which had not been picked up yet. Then they pulled an old bed frame out of the dumpster that had been left by the original property owner a long time ago. I nicknamed the duo "Dumpster Divers".

It was both funny and intrusive to see strangers going through our trash. The Dumpster Divers drove around on all the roads of the property, including the other Parcels that were not for sale, doing what I had no idea, before they finally left. Good riddance I say! Some people are just rude.

Then came an official real estate agent showing Parcel A, the A-Frame, to a local woman who lived right down the road from us. My Parents and I were on a walk when they arrived. Since they couldn't figure out the boundaries, they stopped to ask us.

"The nerve of some people," I thought.

My Dad walked over to talk to them, in their sparkly white sport utility vehicle, clearly driven by a real estate agent who either had done well or pretended to. My Mom and I wanted nothing to do with them or their questions. I laughed inside. That vehicle had probably never seen an ounce of back roads in its life!

Dad was polite, kind, and supportive even with the stress he was under. It was a sight to behold. It really was. That he could be so calm and helpful to them was amazing to me. I didn't have it in me.

He told them he was the previous owner. After they both picked their mouths off the floorboard they badgered him with all these questions about the Farm and the boundaries. Interesting that the real estate agent didn't prepare herself. Talk about not doing her homework!

Wasn't that her fucking job?

Wasn't that what she got paid for?

It was the real estate agents responsibility to learn about the property they were showing. She was the one, in the business, not us. It wasn't our responsibility to lift one hand, one hair to help her. No sir.

I was amazed at how inconsiderate they were. They were more concerned with getting the information they wanted, completely oblivious or uncaring about how uncomfortable we might be answering their questions. I was beginning to understand, this was how most people were, oblivious to anyone else's reality. Not one ounce of common sense or decency between them.

Then Dad told them, "We're planning on buying the property back."

I'm not sure they knew how to handle it. They probably thought Dad was nice and all, but out of his bleeping mind. I'm sure they thought that there was little chance he could pull it off. After all, not many could climb back out of a hole like this one.

"They were nice," Dad said when he walked back over to us.

"I can't believe how oblivious they were," I said.

"We shouldn't be afraid of them. We should send out love to all of them," Dad said.

I wanted them G-O-N-E. I wanted them to remove themselves from our Farm, immediately, and not take another step on our sacred soil. In fact, I didn't want them to ever glance in our direction again. Sure, they smiled and wished us "Well" but down deep, they could have cared less. And I knew it.

I said, "Well I'm just not making our Farm and what's going on right now my concern or responsibility to show fucking people around."

"The Federal Reserve releases the results of the Supervisory Capital Assessment Program ("stress test") of the 19 largest U.S. bank holding companies. The assessment finds that the 19 firms could lose $600 billion during 2009 and 2010 if the economy were to track the more adverse scenario considered in the program. The assessment also finds that 9 of the 19 firms already have adequate capital to maintain Tier 1 capital in excess of 6 percent of total assets and common equity capital in excess of 4 percent under the more adverse scenario. Ten firms would need to add $185 billion to their capital to maintain adequate buffers under the more adverse scenario. However, transactions and revenues since the end of 2008 have reduced to $75 billion the additional capital that these firms must raise in order to establish the capital buffer required under the program. A bank holding company needing to augment its capital buffers will be required to develop a detailed plan to be approved by its primary supervisor within 30 days and to implement its plan to raise additional capital by early November 2009."

U.S. Federal Reserve

May 2009

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