Chapter 2

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Chloe is sitting alone in the quad absorbed in reading for her classes when she notices someone plop down next to her. She turns her head slowly hoping it's a petite brunette girl, instead she spots the tall and handsome brunette, Tom. She takes a large breath in to calm her nerves a little, "What do you want, Tom?" Tom flashes her his widest smile that he throws at everyone to get his way and handed the red head a bouquet of multi-colored daisies. "I wanted to apologize for everything, I shouldn't have said those things to you and I understand you're mad at me. But babe, I can be better. Please give me a second chance?" She looked at the flowers for a second, she didn't particularly like daisies let alone the multi-colored ones but he was trying so she decided she had to at least appreciate the effort.

The red head stared at him intently thinking of what she should say to make him actually understand how she felt. "Tom..." He flashed his widest grin at her again. "I'm not one to be played or messed around with. I need to know that if you're in this, you're really in this and fully committed, none of this going behind my back or anything. If you don't think you can do that then... we should stop this right here." She wasn't really sure what was coming out of her mouth at that moment, it all just felt like a nervous jumble of words.

Tom looked almost surprised that the red head was almost standing up for herself. It's usually that little blond vixen friend of hers yelling at him for whatever thing he's done, he's lost track on the reasons or how many times it's happened. But Tom knew that he wanted Chloe, she was one of the hottest girls on campus and that was a big ego boost to him with his buddies and others on campus. He made up his mind to go along with her for the sake of his reputation and again flashed his damn wide grin. "Babe I know I've made you feel like I don't care about you, but that really isn't the case." Chloe gives him a skeptical look. "I know..." He looks almost shameful, enough for Chloe to buy it anyway. "I know I've messed up a lot, but I want to make it up to you if you'll let me. I'm in this, I want you and only you." He gave her a smile that seemed convincingly sincere instead one of his dumbass grins.

"You basically said I'm a big tease who doesn't put out and that's why you do what you do, Tom. Because you have needs." She used air quotes on the word needs. Tom frowned a little at that. This is going to be harder than he thought, Chloe usually forgives him after a few grins and some carefully chosen words. "I know what I said and that's totally where I messed up." Tom wasn't going to go down without a fight, he has a reputation to uphold after all. Chloe and her feelings be damned. "I was drunk and messed up. I want us to be able to talk and be more open about this kind of stuff though. Maybe revisit the idea of it?" He said this all with hope in his voice. Its not like he's not going to get laid if Chloe says no, but it'll certainly make life a lot easier if he can just sleep with her and not sneak around with as many other girls on campus.

Chloe chewed on her lip slightly, trying to decide what she wanted to do. She wants Tom to stay, but at the same time isn't ready for that big of step in the relationship. She's unsure why she's so hesitant about this with Tom, she's been with him for a year now, shouldn't he be the right one? "I don't know, Tom. I'm not ready for that just yet." Tom quickly retorts, "But baby, we've been dating a year now. Don't you think you'd be able to get to know me by now?" Again he flashes that stupid grin. "It's not that I don't know you, I just want it all to be special." Tom silently snorted at that. "And if that's with you of course, it'll be special when it's the right time." Tom sighed, "Okay baby. I can wait because all I want is you. Can we do the whole making up thing and not be mad anymore?"

Chloe looked at him and smiled. "Alright, but you have to really show me you mean it." He nodded "Just let me take you out tomorrow." "I think we can do that." Both were smiling this time. Tom checked his watched and realized he needed to head to meet the guys really soon. "Hey babe I gotta go, but we'll talk later?" The red head smiled and nodded at him and Tom leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek before standing up and heading off with a smug expression.

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