Chapter 1 - Plans

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March 30, 2012

*Calum's POV*

I saw Aurora walking into school on a Friday morning. I greeted her, my best friend. I walked over to her from being with my other friends, Luke and Michael.

"Hey Ror," I smiled, placing a small, playful punch on her shoulder.

"Hey doofus," She punched me back.

"What did I do to deserve that name today?" I fake-pouted, then laughed. She always called me a different name everyday.

"Oh, shut up," I rolled my eyes, "you know I always call you something different.."

"How about your boyfriend for a change?" I began to think.

"Whatcha thinkin about?" She asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just what you might call me on Monday.." I lied but still laughed.

"Well, think something along the lines of liar," she knew.. "What are you really thinking about? Come on, you can tell me!"

"No, it's fine.. I'm fine.."

"Cal," she begged.

"Fine! I'm just thinking about this girl I really like.. I don't know how to ask her out."

"Oh. Just go for it.. Anyone would love to date you," she smiled. Little did she know, she was that girl.

"I don't know.. I want to wait for the right time," I told her, "I think that would be best."

"Yeah. Timing is always the key. You don't want to ask her when she has a boyfriend, or things like that."

"Okay. Thanks," I smiled at her.

"You're welcome," she cracked a small smile back at me.

"See you in history," I told her.

"Okay," she walked into her maths class as I continued to my first class.


Period three history came fast. I had made up my mind to ask her now. Aurora walked in and sat beside me, as usual. I threw her a smile and she threw one back. As other kids were piling into the room, I decided to ask her.

"Hey, um, would you want to go bowling on Sunday? Maybe at six?" I asked her. Where the heck did bowling come from?

"Not as a date, right?" She asked.

"No, no.. Not as a date. As friends," I assured her. I'm so stupid sometimes!

"Oh. Well, in that case, sure! I'd love to."


As our teacher started teaching, I couldn't help but mentally insult myself for not telling her it was meant to be a date. Maybe it would turn out like a date? Maybe she would realize what's going on? If she was having trouble, I could help her by hugging her from behind and showing her how to do it. Maybe then she'd realize I want it to be a date..

I wasn't really paying attention throughout the whole class. I was just thinking about what could happen with Aurora. The class went by fast.

Aurora and I then walked to chemistry together. I sat down in my seat and she sat across from me. We began to talk when Adam Parker, the captain of our football team came up to us and began to talk to Aurora.

"I'm pretty sure we have chemistry together.." He said to her, making her giggle, "oh, wait, we're in chemistry right now." She giggled more. It was so cheesy though.

"Yeah," she said back. She was smiling so much. I hated it.

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime?" He asked.


"OKAY, EVERYBODY TAKE YOUR SEATS!" Our teacher yelled as he walked in and slammed the door behind him.

"We'll talk next period," he smiled at her before walking away.

Aurora just looked at me and smiled. I faked a smile, and she turned around towards the front of the room. What have I done?


At lunch, which was sixth period, I sat at the table Aurora and I always sit at along with Luke and Michael. Luke arrived right after I did, sitting to the right of me. Michael then came and sat on the other side of Luke. When Aurora came, she sat on the left side of me.

"Hey, Cal, I'm sorry, but Adam wants to take me out to eat Sunday, at six... Are you okay with that?" She wondered.

Really!? She was blowing me off for Adam. All he does is date girls. The relationships never mean anything. He usually has sex with them a few times and then comes up with a reason to dump them. Why didn't Aurora realize it?

I ended up telling her just what she wanted to hear, "no, it's fine. You can go with him. I don't mind."

"Thank you so much, Cal," she smiled and hugged me from the side. I smiled a fake smile back to her, and she continued eating.

Adam then came up to Aurora and asked, "do you want to come sit with us?" He pointed towards the table where some of the guys on the football team sat. I was on the team, but I didn't want to be super close friends with those guys. I never sat with them.

Aurora looked back and me, and I gave her a nod, not thinking. She grabbed her tray and happily walked over to the table with Adam and his "screw crew" as I called them. She was the only girl over there. All of the guys welcomed her while eyeing her up. It annoyed me. Luke and Michael looked at me, seeing my jealous face.

"Is Calum jealous?" Michael asked, taunting.

"No. I'm not jealous. I just don't like seeing her with those guys. They're going to hurt her."

"You're jealous," Luke repeated.

"I am not! I just don't want them hurting my best friend."

"Don't worry, mate. They won't hurt me," Michael laughed.

"I'm talking about Aurora, dumbass."

"I know. I'm joking," Michael specified.

"I knew that!" I told him.

I watched Aurora with those guys. She was laughing while they were carrying on, talking to her, making her giggle. She liked them. I was losing my best friend.


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