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I admit it. I was kinda nervous..C had to tell me something and it seemed she come now.!.!.!

Carrie:Uh hey Chris *kisses me*

Chris:*kisses back* So what you want to tell me

Carrie:Well.. You know that I love you righ?


I started shaking a little

Carrie:Well I think I love Diggy to..

She closed her eyes scared to hear my answer I wasn't even mad at her as long as there is a place in her heart for me!

Chris:Ok it's all good

Carrie:*shocked* Really?

Chris:Yea as long as you love me a little more I mean I am your husband

Carrie:Right..well imma take a shower

She went upstairs..she said it all weird tho I'm starting to think maybe she loves Diggy more than me or maybe that's just me I guess.. *shrugs* I'll have to find out where this is gonna go!

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