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"Do you understand this ache inside? I'm holding so tight, I could lose my mind"

Izi's POV

"So, you decided to fucking punch him?" Louis shot, "Harry he's twice your bloody size he could have fucking killed you!"

"What the fuck was I meant to do, Lou? Just sit back and watch him fucking rape her?" My body shuddered slightly at the word rape. I absentmindedly touched the bruise on my arm. Louis and Harry were still talking but I zoned out. Harry had saved me, he saved my life. My mind was foggy, I was so confused. He didn't like me anymore, he was dating Nadine. I was just his friend. I barely noticed Harry get up as his phone rang, the only thing breaking me from my thoughts was Louis saying my name. I met his eyes and he smiled at me sympathetically.

"Who's he on the phone to?" I asked, hearing Harry's muffled voice from the other room.

"Nadine." Louis stated.

"Oh." I tried to hide my disappointment, but Louis saw right through me.

"Not a fan?" he asked and I instantly shook my head. "Me either, can't stand her." I laughed lightly and shook my head,

"She's a fucking air head. I don't know how he even likes her."

"He doesn't. He's just lonely. I can read him like a book. You wouldn't have him so he took whatever he could find." I scrunched my nose up at Louis' words. Surely he wasn't that desperate. As if on cue he walked back into the kitchen.

"Well that was a nice chat. She dumped me. Said she knew I was in love with you." he gestured to me, my heart skipping a beat at the word love. "I told her she was mad and I that I saw you as just one of the guys but she didn't buy it. Said she was getting bored with me anyway." He trailed off. Louis' eye caught mine, relief and guilt washing over us both. The room was silent for a few minutes, before Louis spoke;

"Right.. Well I'll get out of your hair then shall I?" He arched his eyebrows and rose from the table, clapping Harry on the back as he made his way to the front door and left. You could have cut the tension in the room with a knife. It was the most awkward silence we'd encountered together since we'd met. I couldn't stop thinking about what he'd said about me to Nadine. That I was just a friend.. I didn't want to ask, but I needed to know,

"Harry.." he turned to look at me, his eyes training on my face, "Do you really not have feelings for me anymore?"

"Nope." he responded without hesitating. I smiled at him, attempting to make it as genuine as possible even though I felt like I'd just been stabbed in the chest.

"Now we can actually just be friends. With no weirdness." He said, smiling back at me. He seemed painfully excited about the prospect.

"Awesome." I said, hoping he couldn't sense my sarcasm.

Harry's POV

I watched her as she smiled, looking almost relieved that I no longer had feelings for her. That we could now be friends without me constantly pining over her. It was complete and utter bullshit, I was obsessed with her. I was fucking glad Nadine had ended things with me, when she'd asked me to be exclusive I felt trapped, like I had to say yes. But now, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I watched as Izi tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. I couldn't pin point what it was about her, but I was hooked. Something about her ignited a fire in me that I never wanted to die out. She was so incredibly beautiful. The way her hair sat just below her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes that lit up whenever she talked about something she loved. Her plump pink lips that would look so good wrapped around my cock.. Her body was perfect, she had the most incredible curves, and her ass, oh god her perfect ass.. The things I wanted to do to her..

"Harry!" her voice snapped me from my thoughts.

"Hmm?" I responded, pulling my bottom lip between my teeth.

"I asked if you wanted lunch.. Are you okay?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm just tired. Nah, I'm gonna go home. Dinner tonight with the boys?" I looked at the clock on the wall, 12:14pm. I hadn't even realized it was so late in the day. I turned back to her and she nodded, narrowing her eyes slightly but seemingly buying my lie. I didn't need to tell her that I was gonna go home and wank over her, now did I?
"Come round at like 7, I'll text the boys." I leant down, placing a kiss on her cheek. She walked me to the door and watched me as I got into the car that was waiting outside and drove away.

The second I got home I headed straight to my bedroom. I undid my belt and shoved my hand in my boxers, sighing at the mild relief it gave me. I gave myself a light tug and wandered into the bathroom. I slid my belt out of its loops as I bent down looking for some lube. When I pulled out the box sitting under my vanity, a small packet of white powder fell out. My emergency stash. I'd forgotten I even had it.. I hesitated slightly as I picked it up, masturbating was always so good when you were high. One line couldn't hurt, right? I poured a little bit of the cocaine onto the bathroom counter, pulling a £20 note out of my pocket and fashioning it into a thin tube. I leant down, blocking one nostril as I snorted the powder up my nose. I shook my head and wiped my nose with the back of my hand. I pulled it away to find it covered in thick, dark red blood. Instantly something felt wrong, I started to feel dizzy, my legs were going weak and my head was throbbing. Fuck, I was going to be sick.. I leaned forward and threw up into the vanity. Fuck. There was blood everywhere, in the basin, over the mirror. What was happening? I started to panic. I tried to take a step but my legs buckled underneath me, I fell, smacking my head onto the corner of the vanity. The last thing I remember was trying to reach for my phone before everything turned to darkness and I blacked out.

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