It was a good idea to avoid the rides after we ate.

A loud dinging noise grabbed our attention.

We snapped our heads to see where the sound was coming from and it was the game of test your strength.

"How about winning a fluffy animal for your pretty girlfriend?" the man running the game asked.

"Oh...we're not in a relationship." Jimin announced.

I could feel my stomach twisting.

But it was from eating so much food...right?

"But I'll still win it for her. One try and I'll win for sure." He added confidently, picking up the mallet and planting his feet next to the game.

It didn't really look like much of a challenge for him, and he was right.
In one swing he rang the bell at the top and got hold of a grey fluffy cat soft toy.
He handed it to me and I looked more closely at it.

"Hey Jimin, it kinda looks like you, you know?"

"What? Aishh, no way."

I held it right next to his face "I see no difference."

"Why you-" he pulled me into a soft headlock, lightly tickling me with his other hand as I tried getting out of his grasp. "Say it doesn't look like me and I'll spare you your pain."

Not really pain, as I was laughing at him and didn't give in until he started tickling the sides of my waist.

"Okay, okay, spare me! The cat doesn't look like you!"

We were in fits laughing at each other before his hand found its way to mine and we ended up interlocking fingers.

"It still kinda looks like you..." I murmured under my breath, making sure he didn't quite hear me before thanking the man running the game for the toy.

The guy stared down at our intertwined hands "You're not a couple?"

We shook our heads ignoring the fact that we were holding hands, feeling oddly comfortable about it.

"Shame that, you two look good together."


We left the carnival and walked along the boardwalk leading up to the beach, still hand in hand.

We stood at the edge of the sea, facing each other.

"Your hands are really cold, you know that?" He started to rub his hands against mine to create more warmth, even on this summer night.

"I have bad circulation, sorry." I apologised, feeling my cheeks heating up.

My heart beat a little more rapidly in my chest as he continued to warm my hands.

Why was my heart speeding up at this moment?

"Ah, that feels better." I sighed as my fingers thawed between his.

Without much further thought I allowed our hands to become intertwined side by side again, as we gazed out at the peaceful waves of the ocean.

"Laura...have you ever had a boyfriend?"

I widened my eyes and let go of his hand suddenly, folding my arms instead.

Why did he just ask that?

He picked up a rock and threw it against the low, incoming waves.
I didn't answer his question.

"...Sorry that was weird...I shouldn't have asked."

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