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Laura's POV

It was absolutely magical.

Twinkly lights illuminated the carnival, hanging over the different games stalls.

Music from speakers sang dreamily into my ears, which set the whole scene.

The atmosphere was energetic at ground level as there were groups of teens hanging out, making summer memories and children speeding in every direction to line up for the next ride.

In escape, you could look directly up to the sky to witness a beautiful sea of stars lingering dimly on this warm night.

You would feel...infinite.

I felt like a total kid again as we rode a few rides together.

The heavenly smell of freshly popped popcorn and silky candy floss was too alluring not to buy.

We shared our candy floss and popcorn while looking up at the big Ferris wheel (because it's not a carnival without a giant Ferris wheel).

I know what you're thinking.

No, we didn't ride the Ferris wheel and get stuck at the top.

No, we didn't have a deep heart-to-heart conversation while at the top, leaving us puzzled at our relationship before the ride started to work again.

We didn't even ride the Ferris wheel as the line was massive - made up of couples might I add - and our attention was caught on the hot dog stand instead.

As we approached the hot dog stand I complimented Jimin's The Incredible Hulk t-shirt, explaining that I had one similar at home.

"You like the Hulk?" He asked in disbelief.

"Heck yeah, he's my favourite superhero."

"Mine too! AHH I'M ANGRYYY, CAN I HAVE A HOT DOG PLEASE?!" He asked the hot dog guy as he put on his best Hulk impression.

I was in hysterics laughing at him, while the hot dog guy just gave him a strange look.

While reaching for my purse I managed to calm my laughter before adding "One for me too, please."

Jimin had already paid for us both before I could count my change.


We ended up stuffing ourselves with two hot dogs each, followed by chugging down a can of Cola.

I noticed a large purple ride which was in the shape of a claw. "Hey! We didn't get to go on that one! We have to go on it once." I pointed to it.

"...Are you sure about that?" Jimin raised an eyebrow.

As the ride began, I watched as people got spun in all directions, including a few seconds being held upside down.

I held onto my stomach already feeling nauseous just thinking about it. "Okay...maybe not such a good idea." He laughed at me.

Jimin and I had just stuffed ourselves with enough junk to keep us full until Christmas, so we thought it was a better idea to avoid all the dizzy rides in case we threw up.

We played some arcade games for a while instead.

I beat him four times at the basketball hoops, although I had a slight hunch that he was deliberately throwing off his game to let me win.
But I didn't show it.

Around the carnival we drifted, watching other people having fun.

In comparison we saw some people looking like they were about to puke, making us glad that we weren't in their position.

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