Meeting the Boys

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[Rosalie’s POV]

We drove to the city with the windows up, heater on, and The Collective blasting through the speakers.

“I can’t believe Jack Sierra is Jayden’s cousin!” I spontaneously stated, “How have I not met Jayden yet?!” I laughed.

“Are you friends with Jack? You haven’t really mentioned him before.”

“Don’t really know him that well, but I say hi to him every day, when I walk past him at Uni.”

“You should talk to him. He’s cute!” she shouted.

“Yeah I know, but now he might think I’m only talking to him because he’s related to Jayden,” I sighed.

“Hey, you never know, we could meet Jayden tonight, become friends with him and you’ll end up talking to Jack anyway,” she laughed.

“That would be cool. Hope we meet them!”

 “Yeah, I hope so too.”

It’s a small trip to the city so when we got there it was only 11:30am. We checked in to the hotel and got changed into our matching bathers and summer dresses, as the weather started to heat up, and we went to Bondi. We decided to get an early lunch so I got a piece of fish and some chips and Gi just got some chips, and we sat on the almost deserted beach.   

* * *

While we were stuffing our faces with our lunch, we noticed a massive group of girls screaming and crowding around something. So we finished our food and went over to see what all the fuss was about. We didn’t end up seeing anything because no one would let us through.

“Excuse me?” I asked a random girl.

“What do you want?” she replied.

“What’s happening? I can’t see anything.”

“We’re trying to meet, and get photos with The Collective,” she replied in a harsh tone.

“Okay, just asking! No need to be rude about it!” I yelled back.

Myself and Giovanna finally saw the boys and realised they didn’t look too happy about people mobbing them, so we decided to give them some space and go back to where we were before. Even though we really wanted to meet them, we didn’t want to be those fans that bombarded them everywhere they go, so we let them be and let them try and enjoy a nice day on the beach.

[Giovanna’s POV]

We were lying on the beach looking over at all the annoying fans when we saw that the boys were attempting to leave. They said their goodbyes and headed for the car, while still being followed by fans. We saw them drive off and everyone trying to follow them.

“Oh my God, how annoying are they?! No wonder the boys hardly ever come out together,” stated Rose.  

“Yeah, I know. Poor guys, I feel sorry them. I know they love meeting fans, but I would hate it, that just because I’m living my dream, I can never get any privacy.” I responded.

“I agree.”

The girls all finally left the beach, so it was dead quiet and all we could hear was the crashing if the waves. We were the only people on the beach for about half an hour, when we heard a few people behind us. We both turned around to find that the voices belonged to the boys. They came back and thankfully no one was following them.

“Hey, sorry to bother you, but is it alright if we sit with you?” asked William.

“Ah, hey! Nah you’re fine, go ahead” I replied.

“Okay, cool. I’m Will by the way,” he said with a smile. “And this is Jules, Trent, Jayden and Zach.”

“Hey!” they all said at the same time.

“Hey,” I laughed. “I’m Giovanna, but you can call me Gi. And this is my friend Rosalie.”

“Hi,” Rosalie stated.

Rose and I both shared a look of shock. We couldn’t believe that they were actually talking to us.

“It must suck getting mobbed everywhere you go, ay?” Rose asked the boys. ”I saw all those girls crowding you guys before. Do you ever get sick of them bombarding you all the time?”

“Yeah, it gets a bit hectic sometimes. I mean we love meeting fans but sometimes they get a bit crazy.” replied Trent.

“Yeah, Rose and I are big fans of yours, but we didn’t go see you before because we believe that if you are true supporters of someone, you would give them the privacy they deserve. I mean we wouldn’t like it if we got mobbed every time we went out.”

“Well thank you for that. We appreciate it,” laughed Trent. All the boys nodded as if to agree with Trent.

“That’s okay,” I replied with a laugh.                      

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