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Just...look...No words just open your eyes and see that beauty #media

If there is one of them somewhere is the world Imma  gonna buy it...I really will...


I ish in love with that..<3

Anyway this chapy was supposed to be about my friends and my best friends Endless_Desires    and um-what  .

To start of,my bestie Masey....I missed you so freaking much while u were in the hospital!But now chu ish here so I am happy again ^.^  So Masey Poo,you are my bestie,the only one I trust my life to and Im so happy that I met you.WE ARE CRAZY JUST TO KNOW THAT...WE HAVE REALLY WEIRD AND REANDOM CONVOS!!Also I hope we will meet in the future,now that u dont have cancer anymore.By the way now that I remembered it.........WHAT DID I TELL YOU A FEW WEEKS AGO HUH? *puts my hands on my hips* I TOLD YOU MASEY POO!!!THAT U ARE GONNA LIVE TO IRRITATE THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!*chuckles* I wuv chu Masey Poo ^.^

Then who do we have...Aye Finnie -shakes head laughing- Well Finnie is the craziest,funniest and cute as a butt guy -sticks tongue out and hides- He is gonna kill me for that but who cares?!So he makes me laugh so hard and forget other things.Also he is a great advisor and OMG I CANT BELIEVE I WOULD TO SAY THAT BUT.............HE CLEANS!!!!!!!-laughs- Love ya bestie ^.^

Mmm who else uhhh...Natey..He is the smart one.Sorry guys but seriously from all of you Natey is the smartest!So I SHIP HIM AND HIS GF SO HARD AND THEY ARE TRYING TO HAVE A BABYYYYY -whispers- Now please Natey say that i will be the god mother -pappy eyes- He is a good listener and always helps the others!

There is Shawnie too...Well Shawnie Shawnie Shawnie...He is an idiot because of something(not gonna tell xP )He is an amazing guy who will listen to your problem,tell you straight what he thinks and then when he has a problem he will take into consideration your advices.He is such an awesome guy -puts my hand over Shawn's mouth- Shut up,i know you will gonna deny it!

Last but not least,no Sammy i didn't forget you...HE IS PERVERT!Seriously he ruined my innocence but he loves me....Right Sammy?-glares at Sammy- Yesh he does cuz im such a good girl ^.^  Anyway he is a cool lad but one favour....STOP RUINING MY INNOCENT YEARS!!!Im only 16 damn it -chuckles- Kidding kidding!

Thats all for me soooo see ya guys love ya all

-Georgia xoxo

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