chapter 3: Others..

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This is the bird from last chapter.

Michael's P.O.V

I look over at Killian he was really nice from the start its been going great oh and I found a place for myself! I'm moving in I just have to say bye to the folks that took me in and I won't forget there names.

"Hey Michael?" Killian says wiggling his eyebrows doing poses. I look over an laugh my ass off. "Dude! What are those for?" I question raising a brow up smiling.

"Well for the girl ima meet today!" He says making a 'Sexy rawr' I just go along with it and give him support.

"So who is this lucky gal?" I say smirking at him as he looks up dramatically letting one hand go up.

"she is my princess, she is the one! Oh and her name is Candy." He says not giving every detail I was looking for but whatever. I smile and nod at every word he says I couldn't hear him so yeah but I just can't get my mind off the alpha something trigged him but I don't know anymore the only thing I saw in his eyes was emotions! I groan holding my heart. So much pain!!

I gasp for air an fall to the ground I hear Killian run to me before I fell face down. I gasp an gasp.

"Shh just breath in and out Michael." He whispers into my ear softly stroking my hair as well soon I feel my eyelids closes slowly and darkness takes over.

The only words that came out before I fell into darkness was.

"He is hurting." And all I hear was Killian trying to keep me closing my eyes.

I should of stopped here but I was like nah!


I wake up in a weird room I groan stretching. I hear someone coming! Ahh I fall back pretending to be asleep.

"Michael are you awake?" Killian says knocking I sigh in relief that it was his place I slowly look to the side. I sit up slowly.

"Yeah man." I say smiling weakly he runs up to me an hugged me hard I hear him cry. "wow. Man are you crying?" I say hugging back smiling. He nods not able to speak.

"Don't worry! I'm not gonna die or something like that." I say laughing as he chuckles feeling better.

"I just got worried about my friend since I never had one for a whole day." He says my eyes widen. What does he mean?! He never had a friend for a whole day!! Wow why wouldn't anyone want to be with the coolest man!

"What do you mean?" I say almost growling he laughs.

"Never had a friend but your my first!" He claimed happily I smiled knowing he was my first friend too.

"I'm happy." We both say at the same time. We look at each other smiling like idiots.

"Dude I called Candy saying we can't hang today but tomorrow we can..I'll stay with you today man." He says

"That's mean tho."

"I would say bros before hoes but I'm not calling my princess a hoe." He says as I laugh agreeing about that.

"That's not nice to call lady's hoes or anything like that...they have feelings too" I say madly he stays silent thinking.

"True that's wrong." He says frowning I get up as he helps me up walking outside there goes that beautiful bird again.

"That's a cool bird!" Killian says pointing at it.

"Maybe its a girl?" I say I don't want myself or anyone to say 'it',its weird.

"Yeah." He says smiling. I look over at the car. "Can you go buy sweets or something warm to relax me? Please??" I say nicely as he nod sitting me down into a soft chair.

"Thanks friend!" I say as he waves driving away.I take off my cloth and shift into my wolf feeling good to be in this form. I howl running to the woods my wolf healed as I jumped around I hear other howls, my ears perk up but the three cats jumped on me as I howled scared.

I try biting them but they scratch me and hissed at me I whimper loudly,it hurts when they scratch me.

I shift back groaning an whince at the pain, i cant open my left eye but I feel liquid coming down my eye I slowly bring my hand up touching my eye...what is this?

I slowly look at my hand its blood.

"your a shifter as well huh." A voice says as I slowly look up and my right eye widen.

"There are others that can shift?" I mumbled under my breath.

The end of the story ⊙ω⊙ bye..

Jk no its not the end sorry if this chapter was short or boring but its getting there!

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