Chapter 22: Break Time

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"How's your arm? And your leg? How's your whole body?" I looked at the small bruises on Yongguk's arms and one on the side of his face.

"I'm fine, they don't hurt that much," Yongguk tried assuring me.

"I'm really sorry I pushed you out the window," I said sincerely.

"Wow, so you really did push him from the second story?" Himchan and the rest of the guys came up and sat with us on the school lawn.

"Well my dad was about to come into my room and I didn't want us to get in trouble," I tried reasoning out.

"You're so harsh, Jieun," Jongup commented.

I felt really bad for what I did. Well obviously, I freakin pushed him out the window, but he kept telling me that it was okay. "If it hurts too much, I'll write your notes for you in class or do anything else you need help with."

"No it's ok, I'm fine," Yongguk said for the millionth time. "No wait, it does hurt a little."

"Do you want to go to the nurse?"

"No," Yongguk pointed to the bruise on the side of his face, "just kiss it."

I made a face at Yongguk's request. Puh-leez. Not now. And not in front of your friends.

"How could you say no to that face?" Zelo placed his hand under Yongguk's chin and the rest of the guys were just laughing.

I gave Yongguk a look; he knows that I don't like doing those things in public. "Ah it hurts," He dramatically grabbed his cheek with both of his hands and all of a sudden pretended that he was in pain.

"Just a while ago you said it didn't hurt." I said to him.

"You still owe me those favors, remember?"

I shook my head. Not because I didn't remember, but because I didn't want to kiss him in public. Even if it was just on the cheek.

"Is this still about the time she made you her boyfriend?" Youngjae asked.

"Jieun unnie~!"

Everyone turned their heads to the girl running up to us.

I stood up and met her half way, "Irene? What are you doing here?"

"We wanted to visit a Korean high school."

"Irene, I said we would find Jieun together."

"Kris! You're here too," I waved once I saw Kris entering the school gates.

"Mhm, it was his idea to come visit, he wanted to see y--" Irene didn't finish her sentence because Kris covered her mouth.

"Yeah, like Irene said, we wanted to see a Korean high school. Can you please lead us to the school office?" Kris smiled.

"Yeah ok, I'll just get my bag," I spun around and saw that the guys have been staring at us the whole time. I walked to the tree where everyone was sitting and picked up my bag.

"Who was that?" Zelo asked.

"Just some friends, I have to take them to the office so I'll see you guys in class." 

When we got to the office, Kris told the secretary that he and Irene were interested in attending the school and she gave them guest name tags so that they can come into the classrooms.

"We can go to my class right now, there are some seats in the back. Wait Irene, aren't you not old enough to be in high school yet?" I looked down at Irene who was significantly shorter than Kris and I.

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