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"Which dress do you like better? The blue one or the pink one?" Holland's babysitter, Josette, asked her sweetly while holding up the two Barbie dresses.

Four year old Holland pointed to the pink one while bouncing up and down and giggling.

"Maybe we shouldn't of let you have all of that candy.." Josette said, regretting how about an hour ago, she gave in to Hollands compelling pouty face and nearly drowned the toddler in sweets.

Holland giggled again before doing kart wheels around the room and jumping up and down on the bed.

Josette chuckled to herself before hearing one of her siblings scream. Josette froze for a second and glanced out into the hall.

"I'll be right back Holland, don't cause any trouble." Josette said sternly as she quickly ran out of the room, thinking that she'd find one of her siblings fighting.

Holland stopped bouncing when she saw something out of the corner of her eye.
As the curiosity got the better of her, she grabbed a picture frame that sat on Josette's dresser.

In the picture she saw a young man, who looked to be in his twenties, and Josette smiling from ear to ear. The boy and Josette both had on red Christmas Cosby sweaters. Holland also noticed a Christmas tree in the background of the picture. They looked really happy and Holland loved to see Josette so happy.

"Holland?" Josette shouted in a panicked, shaky voice.

Holland stuffed the picture into the backpack that she had brought with her that had her Barbies and clothes inside of it.

"Yes?" Holland said softly, pretending she didn't just steal something of her favorite babysitter's.

"Hurry, follow me!" Holland then noticed that Josette had tears running down her face and that her voice was quivering with fear.

Holland whimpered, wondering what had happened to make her brave babysitter cry, and grabbed Josette's hand.

Josette grabbed the two other four year olds. They were twins, a boy and a girl. One was named Lucas and the other Olivia. Holland didn't talk to them much because they normally only played with one another, leaving Holland out. That's why Josette payed special attention to Holland.

"Here stay here. I'll be right back." Josette whispered in a rushed voice while they hid under a bed. She ran out of the room, looking back once before disappearing out the door.

Holland squeezed her eyes shut, wishing that she could just go home and play with her dolls.


About half an hour later Josette walked back into the room, hunched over with red stains all over her shirt and on her hands.

Olivia and Lucas peeked over the bed while Holland pulled her knees into her chest, rocking back and forth.

Josette reached the four year olds saying, "Everything gonna be okay, alright? Let's just play a game. You guys want to play a game?"

She looked at the three toddlers like nothing bad was happening, that it was a normal day. Holland, Olivia, and Luke nodded in synch, watching her.

"Okay." She smiled for a second. "You wanna play hide and seek?"

Holland started to whimper again in fear, wondering why Josette was pretending that everything was okay. This only caused Lucas and Olivia to begin to cry a little bit.

"Shh." Josette put her finger over her own mouth to calm them down. "Okay."

They all ducked back underneath the bed once again, holding their breathes as they heard footsteps creaking on the old wood.

"Come on out Jo. You know I won't kill you." A young man announced, the footsteps coming near their hiding spot.

The seeker stopped right outside of the door. Then, continued to walk in a creeping pace.

He came to a stop again once he was right beside the bed and Josette brought her finger to her lips again, warning the younger ones.

After a few seconds, he walked away and Holland let out a small sigh of relief from her lips.

They waited in anticipation, wondering if and when Josette was going to say that it was okay to get out from under the bed.

Suddenly, the same blood stained converse came back to the side of the bed, and faced towards them.

Two bloody hands pushed the bed up abruptly, showing the face of the seeker.

He was the boy from the picture Holland stole.

Even though he had found them, he didn't seem happy at all as he glared murderously at Josette.

"Where are they?" He asked the question slowly, trying to remain calm.

Josette only sobbed and shook her head like she had no clue.

He sighed looking around the room impatiently. He opened a wardrobe as Josette continued to cry in horror and pain.

When he didn't find the three toddlers hiding in the wardrobe he slammed the door in frustration. Holland jolted from the loud noise and Josette bawled and hunched over more, wishing this would be over.

He picked up his baseball bat and walked over to Josette.

"WHERE ARE THEY?" He screamed at Jo, but yet again, he didn't get an answer.

He kicked her, causing the cloaking spell to weaken as Josette screamed in pain.

"Run!" she cried out in agony. Holland, Lucas, Olivia screamed as the ran out of the room, away from the murderer.

So so so late. I'm so sorry for keeping you guys waiting forever/: But I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter. It's mostly just a filler.. But you have to know how all of this has to do with Holland etc.
Thank you guys for reading!(:

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