Where's Robin?

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~Back with the team.~

We all stood there helplessly watching our youngest member disappear into enemy hands. We were all shocked into silence, tears streamed down Wally's face and Megan collapsed to her knees crying. Artemis and Superboy stared in shock, they let the youngest member be kidnapped, they remembered the strained smile that he sent the team.

"Let us head back to the mountain, we must inform the league." Said Aqualad just as distressed as the others at the kidnapping of the young hero.

Just as he said this they heard a thud and running, Wonder Woman appeared in front of the group.

"What happened? There was an explosion... where is Robin?" Wonder Woman inquired.

At the mention of Robin's name everyone looked at the ground and Megan cried harder than before. Wonder Woman took the hint and looked worried.

"He isn't dead is he?" She asked worried out of her mind.

"No, he's not, he's been captured by the Joker and Harley." Replied Connor clenching his fist in anger.

Wonder Woman looked shocked.

"We have to go and inform the league come with me." She said.

They all took Megan's Bio-ship back to Mt Justice. As they got into the living room everyone sat on the couch, Wonder Woman contacted the league. "Batman, Aquaman, green Arrow, Flash, Black Canary, Superman, Green Lantern, Martian manhunter."announced the zeta tube. Once everyone was gathered in front of the young teens.

"How was the mission? Also where is Robin?" Asked Batman showing no emotions as usual.

The young group looked forlornly at the ground. "Batman we are sorry, the mission went well, we got all of the citizens out..." Started Aqualad.

"IT DIDN'T GO WELL AT ALL! My best friend almost died and was captured by the enemy!" An enraged Kid Flash yelled.

Everyone except the team were staring at the boy in shocked silence.

"Robin was kidnapped by who?" Batman asked in a quiet and worried voice.

"He was captured by the Joker and Harley Quinn." Said Artemis.

"We should explain from the beginning, I think." Said Megan.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"First of all when we got into the bank Robin was fighting the Joker, Aqualad was fighting Harley, while Connor and Megan were fighting the henchmen and Wally and I were getting the citizens out. We were nearly done getting the citizens out and the henchmen had gone outside, there was a little girl left, she was about five and the Joker had strapped a bomb to her. Robin was trying to disarm the bomb I think..." Artemis started and then looked at Wally.

"Yeah he was trying to get the bomb off the little girl and asked me to handle the Joker for a while. He manage to get the little girl out of the bomb harness however couldn't stop the bomb, Aqualad and I started having trouble holding off Harley and Joker. Rob then asked if I could take the little girl outside, I would have protested but the little kid was terrified she was crying and holding onto Robs leg. So I did as he asked. A little later Aqualad came out." Said Wally losing his original anger and staring at the ground sadly.

"A little after Aqualad had reached us and the civilians safely Robin came rushing out but he only got a few meters out the door before the bomb went off. He was sent flying and he kinda hit the road pretty hard, he kept rolling until he accidentally hit Jokers legs. Wally and I both shouted for him to get up but it was a bit late. In truth I don't even know how Joker and Harley got out of that explosion, but when Robin tried to get up Joker put a foot on his back holding him t-there..." Megan choked out as much as she could before turning to Connor.

"Joker held him off the ground and held him at knife point so we could not approach them without Joker killing Robin. He told us to just attack but we were to late, Joker, Harley and Robin had disappeared after the Joker threw a smoke bomb." Aqualad finished the story.

The league sat and stood there in silence a few glanced towards batman, batman's usually calm demeanour had slipped and was clearly showing the worry and sadness of losing his young companion.

"We have to find him." Stated Kid Flash standing up quickly.

"And just how do you think we find him duffus?" Said Artemis.

"I believe we should wait for the signals that Robin was going to send us." Stated Aqualad.

Both the young justice league and the justice league sat in a quiet tension, waiting for the you boy wonder to send them some kind of sign as to where he was.

And suddenly the league were surrounded by pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. Nah I'm joking I wouldn't write that although it would be funny. :P by the way. Hi. Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier but, meh I am now. Oh I also have to disclaim so now for the disclaimation-tion-tion (even if that isn't a word cough* cough)

Disclaimer: I do not own young Justice or any of the characters. Or the music or photos.

(Also forgot to mention this is my first story on watt pad. Ever. So I hope you guys like it.)

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