Kidnapped and pregnant

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"What the fuck,alyssa?!"derek yells at me with rage. I back up into the wall and i buried my head in between my legs."leave me the fuck alone!" I shout. Derek and i are fighting because the phone number that gale gave me fell out of my pocket and derek saw it.

"Bitch i'm the father of that baby not gale the fucking doctor! That baby inside of your stomach is my child!"he reached over and slapped me on the head hard and that's what made me cry my ass off."i know i'm not gonna leave you! Just leave me alone you fuckin pyscho ass person!" I got up an ran upstairs into my room but before i did derek tripped me and i hit the floor with a loud thump.

I got up and punched derek in the face and his nose was bleeding. He grabbed it and ran to the kitchen to clean up. I flipped him off and ran upstairs into my room and quickly shut the door an locked it. I'm so leaving derek for sure, i don't care if he's the father,mom, or cousin! I heard a loud bang on the door and that's what made me jump. I ran in the closet and shut it tightly.

Derek bustes the door down and looks for me everywhere."come out alyssa!" He yells flirty like. This guy makes me wanna gag all the goddamn time bro!

Derek slides open the mirror closet door and it shatters. I jumped and than ran out the closet down the stairs and into the kitchen. Derek followed after me."Baby please! I know you do not wanna hurt this baby." I shout.he gives me a look and than leans on the kitchen counter. Derek starts crying and i show know sympathy for that crazy ass boy.

"I'm so sorry alyssa.i don't know what i'm doing with my life and myself." He continues."if i want to be a father i have to step up my game." I stared at him and than walked closer."derek i'm not forgiving you! What you did was illegal and you cannot hit females!" I yelled in his ear and he got pissed."uh why the fuck do you think i'm saying sorry than?!" He punched me in the arm and i fell to the floor,damn he hits hard."how the hell do you expect this relationship to work out when you keep fucking hitting me?!" I got up an punched derek in the nose again and that's when he got really angry.

Derek lifted me up by my shirt and dragged me upstairs into his room an handcuffed me to the bed. What is he doing? I'm scared already! I want gale here to protect me. Derek lifted up my shirt and glanced at my belly,there is no bump yet so what the fuck is he looking at? "Alyssa i've always loved you and i've always cared about you & this baby." I started to cry." And the only reason i kidnapped you was to create a family and be a couple again." I spat on derek's face and he looked grossed out. He slapped me on the mouth and blood filled my mouth.

"Derek i did love you but now you can kiss my big ass!" Derek gave me a look and ran in the bathroom to fix his ugly broken ass nose. I smiled and than did my handcuff trick my dad showed me how to do along time ago. I unlocked the handcuffs and ran out the room down the stairs.

I tried to open the door but it was tight i mean shut locked! I saw the number gale gave me on the floor and i picked it up and stuffed it in my pocket this time in my zip up pocket. I've just noticed i've been wearing the same clothes for two days now even though derek already had cute clothes for me.

I walked into the kitchen and saw the key on the counter,this boy makes escaping so easy. I heard dereks steps coming down the stairs so i quickly jammed the key in and twisted it.

Once i finally hit the fresh green grass i hurried and ran towards the woods & sat there waiting. I heard a scream and i knew it was him but why the fuck would derek be screaming? I ignored it and ran towards freeland. My mom lives there,my dad doesn't want me to ever visit her but what the hell i'm goin to die in a few hours so yeah.

I ran further and further until i was out of breathe and than i saw the big pink house. My moms house. I walked closer and knocked on the door. She opened it and her mouth dropped,she pulls me in for a hug and lets me inside her comfy,warm,and safe house.

My mom handed me a cloth and i wiped the blood contents off of my sore body. "Hunny what the hell? Did your dad abuse you?!" She shouted. I shook my head and began to cry." Ma i was kidnapped by my ex derek." She gave me a sad frown and pulled me in for a hug.

I cried on her shoulder And than i let go because my body hurts."mom can i live here with you?" I asked her. She thought about it and than spoke."baby you can stay here as long as you want.

I smiled and than wiped my face.

"Oh and mom i have something to say but you can't tell dad." She nods her head and than i clear my throat." I'm pregnant with dereks baby.and i know because he took me to the doctor."she smirked and than smiled."hunny i'm alittle mad but not awhole lot because it wasn't your fault." My mom and i exchanged glances and than laughed.

"Ok now go get a warm shower and than i have two extra rooms upstairs and you can have one." I ran over and gave my mother a hug and she cried on my shoulders."i'm just happy your ok and i want you here not with your father okay?" I nodded my head and than ran up the stairs. I walked into a empty room and chose the one with my fave color walls,purple with blue. The other guest room could maybe be the nusery i guess. It sucks that i'm having dereks baby and not gale or anyone elses. There was a phone sittin on a nighstand in my mom's room so i picked it up and dug in my pocket for gale's number,i dialed and he picks up.

"Hello who is this?"gale asked. I made a face and spoke."uh hi it's me alyssa your patient?" He laughed."oh hello, i was wondering when you was gonna call me." I frowned."i have something to tell you and you can't tell anybody but the police if you choose."derek is not my boyfriend. He kidnapped me & knocked me up and he forced me not to tell anybody! And this hair color is not even my real color,i'm a blond." I shouted getting mad every second.

"What?! I'm sorry but i'm calling the goddamn police! I want the bitch in the jail cell and i want him to rot." I giggled and than got serious again."ok but please don't tell anybody else." He signed and than said goodbye and hung up the phone.

I walked back into my room and there was a bed in the corner and a closet full of girl clothes and some guy pants. I love having a tv by my side! I opened one of the drawers and they're was an iphone 5 sitting there and it was the white one,not black. I turned it on and i put my itunes info in it and ect.

I even made a instagram page, and a twitter page! I already have facebook.

My life has been crazy so far and it does not feel good. All of a sudden i blacked out and that's all i remember.

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